10 Marriage Proposals for Christian Couples

wedding proposals Pixabay love-2086907_1920Congratulations! After much prayer you’ve decided to pop the question. You purchased the ring and want to make your proposal one she’ll always remember. The only problem is you’re fresh out of ideas. Wedding proposals are important. You want to plan one that your future spouse will always remember.

Well, we would like to share our top 10 ideas of proposals with you. We call them “Christian” marriage proposal ideas because they’re wholesome ideas that don’t dishonor God.

Church Announcements

Arrange for your proposal to be included in the Sunday morning church announcements. If your church uses video announcements, have them video tape your marriage proposal. While the announcement is playing, get on one knee and pull out the ring. If your church has someone read the announcements, have them read the proposal as you get on one knee with the ring.

God Tube/Tangle

We love God tube because they have so many awesome Godly videos. Use your video camera, or borrow one to make a special video of you proposing to your fiancé. Submit the video to God Tube and when the two of you are alone tell her there’s an awesome video on God Tube you want to show her. Or if you can’t be with her, send a link of the video to her e-mail address. In the subject field type: Best God Tube Video Ever!!!

Engagement website

If you’re a “techie” create a personal website and on the home page ask her to marry you! Not a “techie” don’t worry there are simpler options available like bravenet and homestead. They make the process simple and fun.

Memory Photo Book

Gather up all the photos you can find of the two of you and create a hardback memory book that will last a life time. On the last page of the memory book ask her to marry you. She’ll love it!

Pictures in Gold For a really special marriage proposal visit PicturesinGold.com, you’ll find a ton of customizable jewelry options like engraveable heart shaped charms. Place a picture of the two of you on the inside of the charm, and then have the date you proposed to her engraved on the back.

Share it With Friends

Invite a group of friends or family members to fellowship over dinner and a movie. At the end of dinner get down on one knee and propose right there in front of everyone.

Watch this marriage proposal at church…

Read more proposal ideas…

Romantic Picnic

Plan a romantic picnic for the two of you. Prepare a few romantic dishes and hide the engagement ring box inside the picnic basket. Now that’s one picnic ants couldn’t even ruin :-)

Restaurant Proposals

Order a cheesecake or regular cake that has “Will you marry me?” written on it. After the two of you have dinner, order dessert. Arrange ahead of time to have the special cake brought out to her in lieu of the dessert she ordered.

Message in a Bottle

What a timeless marriage proposal idea. We love this idea and your fiancé will too! Get an empty bottle that would be interesting for your fiancé to find. Put a heart-felt message in it, proposing marriage, and then take her to the beach to “discover” it. (Hide the bottle in the sand beforehand at a romantic spot.)

A scavenger Hunt

Send her on a scavenger hunt where she finds you at the end waiting to propose to her. One suggestion is to send her to all the places the two of you went on dates.


Do you have a unique marriage proposal idea that you think Christian couples would appreciate? If so, please share it with us below.

This article is written by Michael and Wanda Collins, who are the creators of the web site ministry of Christian Marriage Today, which you can find at Christianmarriagetoday.com. They are also the founders of Nehemiah Family Ministries. They have a beautiful passion for marriages for as long as they’ve been married (fourteen years+). We encourage you to visit their web site to see what God has for you there.

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One response to “10 Marriage Proposals for Christian Couples

  1. Ask the Pastor to speak on Christ’s love for the church. Bring out the part of Christ washing the disciples feet. Have the Pastor ask you and your spouse-to-be to demonstrate on stage. After you wash her feet and dry them (you are already down on your knee in front of her) pull the ring out and ask her to marry you.