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marriage proposals Pixabay lock-bridge-959844_1920What are some ways that you can propose marriage to the woman you love that will be romantic and meaningful? We’d love to hear about different marriage proposals.

Examples of Marriage Proposals

We were told of one man who took the woman he wanted to marry to a romantic dinner. He then took her to their church afterward. There, he asked her to go into the restroom to take off her nylon stockings. She questioned him about his request, thinking it was a bit strange. But he asked her just to trust him and he would explain his request later.

She did what he asked and afterward was led into the church sanctuary. He then took her over to an area that had a spotlight shining over it. There he provided a chair for her to sit on, and brought out a basin of water (that he had prepared ahead of time). At that time he proceeded to wash her feet.

As he was washing her feet he told her of his deep love for her. He then asked her to consider being his wife. He said, “I want to serve you and wash your feet for the rest of our lives together.” It didn’t take her long to express her love to him and to accept his proposal of marriage.

Romantic Marriage Proposals

Isn’t that a romantic story? What a beautiful beginning for a life together and what a wonderful attitude to have! We pray he never forgets what he had proposed to her —not only to marry, but to remember the attitude of his heart.

Another wedding we proposal we read about in a past issue of Marriage Partnership Magazine. In this article, it told of a man who had arranged for a stranger to help him surprise the woman he loved with a book. This book had clues within it that would lead his intended to his marriage proposal in a very romantic setting. Needless to say, she LOVED the romance involved in this marriage proposal journey.

Here’s another:

“For what it’s worth, my husband proposed on a very simple date that wasn’t anything our of the ordinary aside from the actual proposal. I loved it and still love it because it fits with the rest of our relationship. We’re old-fashioned and we have simple tastes. It would have seemed contrived if he had taken me to a 5-star restaurant or set up something really fancy, since we’ve always kept things pretty down to earth. We had a picnic dinner with his family at a very nice city park. Then we all decided to go for a walk afterward. Everyone else mysteriously disappeared, and we wound up alone in front of the (empty) hillside theater, where he proposed.

“I love that it’s not hard to go back and revisit things, even with kids. We can have a picnic there any time we want, and we can go watch the musicals and concerts at the theater in the park. And it’s all sort of like going back to when he proposed.” (Written by BirdofPray, posted on

There are additional ways to propose to the woman you love.

A few examples are:

•  Find a secluded quiet place and simply get down on one knee and propose.

•  Tape a video proposal and post it on YouTube. Tell her you found a great video you want her to see.

•  Use poetry word magnets to write out your proposal on the front of her fridge.

The above suggestions are 3 out of 40 that author Dr David Gudgel wrote. To read some of them, please click onto the link provided below:


We also found a humorous and yet helpful video that tells of one man’s findings as to the best way to propose. We hope it will help you to plan for your wedding proposal. This is titled, “Marriage Proposal Christian, put together by

Above all, keep in mind that you can have the “perfect proposal” and the “perfect wedding” but if you don’t plan for the marriage (no marriage is “perfect”) —putting the time in beforehand and afterward to make sure your relationship grows rich in love and commitment, it’s all for naught.

Plan a fun proposal… yes. Plan a nice wedding… yes. But most important of all, plan for a great marriage. And then do what it takes to make it that way, which will take a lifetime commitment of working for it to be that way.

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this article.

We’d LOVE to know of your ideas and maybe a testimony from those of you who have already proposed and found it to be a positive experience. How did you propose?

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