For the Spouse of a Short Term Missionaries

Short term missionaries Pixabay luggage-1081872_1920We know that short term missionaries usually have adjustments to make. There are adjustments both when entering and working in another country, and also when they re-enter their home land. Adjustments need to be made even when they enter their home. They have left the familiar, to work in the unfamiliar. But then they come back home a spouse who is a changed person in many ways.

Prayerfully the biggest change will be spiritual, because they have had the privilege of working with other missionaries and workers. And they’ve also had the the privilege of contributing to the work that God is doing with others who need added help from humans. That usually changes a person. They never view things in their homeland the same again. They are usually more thankful and less satisfied with focusing in on “worldly” possessions.

But what about other adjustments that need to be made? And what about the spouses of short term missionaries?

Spouse of Short Term Missionaries

To make their transition back home an easier experience for these short term missionaries, there are a few suggestions that can be made for the spouse (who stayed home) to be aware of and hopefully help with. It’s an added way that they are able to ALSO help in this mission trip.

Not only is the team important that goes directly to the mission site to help, but the loved ones who support in prayer and give moral and financial support important.

To read these suggestions, we are going to provide a link to a web site page put together by International Messengers.

To read this article, please click onto the link below:


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