Tips For Tying The Marital Knot

Tying the marital knot - morgue files 123Below you will find tips for tying the marital knot. They will help you to do this in a way that is budget-friendly, and less expensive than traditional weddings.

Tying the Marital Knot

“Planning my wedding was one of the most trying and wonderful and exhausting and fulfilling experiences of my life. From choosing a date and time to compiling the guest list to finding the dress, the details quickly became overwhelming.

“While my fiancé and I enjoyed the anticipation leading up to the big day, stress and worry clouded some of our pre-marital bliss.

“In the end, our wedding and reception went off without a hitch. But there were definitely some things I wish I had known before organizing the biggest party of my life. Here are a few suggestions I picked up along the way that may help you through the process. ” (Carol Heffernan)

To learn Carol’s suggestions, please click onto the Focus on the Family article to read,


Here’s a marital knot tip that you might find helpful:

“On my wedding invitation RSVP cards, I left space for guests to write their favorite wedding wisdom. The tidbit that rings truest after almost nine months of marriage is: ‘Attack the issue, not each other.’ How it works: If my husband and I disagree about something, we stay focused on the issue and skip the personal put-downs.” (Melissa Gitter Schilowitz)

You might also try asking for “favorite wedding wisdom” from those you invite to your wedding, as Melissa did at hers. These marital knot tips could help you to better work on the marriage after the wedding.

Financial expert, Dave Ramsey gives the following advice that is as sound as it comes. He wrote:

“Be Realistic. Just remember that you’re planning for a wedding — which is the beginning of your marriage. The wedding is not the ‘be all and end all’ of your lives together. So you need to keep your priorities in check. Too often, couples anxiously await the wedding day and don’t put any thought into what comes after the wedding— the marriage! Plan ahead by getting on the same page with money and setting financial goals together. The wedding is great, but that’s only the beginning.”

Build a Good Foundation for Your Marriage

To that I say a hearty AMEN! If you put more time into planning the marriage than the wedding you will build a good foundation for your marriage that could better help it last a lifetime.

To learn additional marital knot tips that Dave Ramsey gives on his web site (not only from the article we link to, but added articles linked below it), please click onto the links below to read:



And then from the ministry of, Wedding Consultant Jordan Browning gives the following marital knot advice:

“If you are really trying to save money on decorations, consider getting married during the holiday season. Holiday weddings tend to save on décor as churches and reception sites usually have holiday decorations already in place.” has posted a few lists of important information you may be able to use as a check-off guides to help you better plan the details of your wedding:



Wedding Decorations

As far as decorations go, here are a tip from Tamara Hanson. It might come in handy to lower your costs a bit:

“Twinkle Lights. Easily accessible. Just head down to your storage closet. You know, it’s the one under the stairs, or out to the garage. Dig out your Christmas lights or your mother’s Christmas lights or the neighbor’s lights. If they are multicolored, that’s good too. The clear lights are even prettier, especially if tulle is involved. Tulle is a wonderful material. You can get yards and yards of it at a fabric store and it probably won’t cost an arm and a leg. The tulle can be mixed in with the lights and you won’t even see the light cords.”

To learn more, click onto the Pinterest ideas from Tamara Hanson:


Or, perhaps you want a smaller (and less expensive wedding). We recommend you read:


Here’s a wedding tip that Aimee Massaro, of Wishes Concierge Services gives, which will save you money. Plus, it sure makes sense:

Skip the Favors:

“Your guests usually never use them and sure won’t miss them. Instead make a donation to a favorite charity. Many will provide you with simple notes for you to have at your guest’s place setting. Just to let them know of your donation. Share your happiness with those less fortunate!”

What a great idea! It’s true what she says about the little wedding favors that the bride and groom leave at the table for the guests. The guests usually never use them. What a waste! And how much better it would be to bless a ministry instead of giving out a bunch of “gifts” that no one will use.

Other Wedding Ceremony Ideas

And then here’s another idea that can be fun, cost effective, and unique. It’s one you may not consider at first. But I encourage you to click onto the link to see a pictorial explanation, and then decide:

THE BACKYARD WEDDING (titled: “Wedding Album”)

Also, there is an article posted on which has quite a few tips for those who are planning a Christian ceremony. And then lastly, there’s another article from, which gives suggestions for simplifying your wedding. Please click onto the links below to read:



I hope these ideas will help you better plan your wedding. Above all, remember that the wedding is a one-day event, and the reception is a great party to celebrate. But it’s the marriage afterward that is most important. Plan, but try not to make things so complicated that you stress yourself beyond what you should.

It’s the vows you make together, and the marriage you commit to afterward that you should concentrate your most time upon. Make sure that what you promise each other, you are both prepared, and committed to keep. Please keep the wedding planning and marriage afterward all in perspective.

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this article.

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