Top 10 Questions Husbands Should Never Ask

Here is a Youtube video put together by Married People Media. It features Jeff Foxworthy giving his warnings on the Top 10 questions husbands should be careful of, when they answer them. These are questions, that if a wife asks them, had better be answered in wise ways. There could be all kinds of fireworks that would start up, if not. And we’re not talking about the holiday kind of fireworks. We’re talking about marital fireworks. As usual, Jeff takes this advice to the humorous side. It’s both funny, and true.

Top 10 Questions Husbands Shouldn’t Ask

As we were reviewing this video ourselves we could almost hear husbands nodding in agreement with Jeff’s statements. And actually, the wives, if they’re truthful, would probably do the same. A lot of affirmative head nodding would be going on. That is because some questions can be dangerous if they are answered in the wrong way. They can be the beginning of some nasty conflicts that will develop afterward.

So sit back, watch, laugh and enjoy! And then afterward, if you have a few related pieces of advice, please give them below. But just make sure you say it with tact, and don’t attack… :)

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One response to “Top 10 Questions Husbands Should Never Ask

  1. The title is Top 10 Questions Men Should Never ANSWER. It makes no sense to title it Top 10 Questions Men Should Never ASK – if the wife doing the ASKING.