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Christmas Quiz - AdobeStock_302270591How about taking a quiz? Not so sure? When you think of a quiz you might remember your school days. Many times you think of them with less than fond memories. But when you work through a quiz that changes your thinking from falsehoods to truth, it’s a good thing. That is what we are presenting here. It is a Christmas quiz provided to sort out myths and truths.

We found this quiz a number of years ago and really appreciated what we learned. We’re thinking that you will too because it brings to light the truth about the Christmas traditions that we hear about continually.

Jesus is referred to as the Truth. And as followers of Christ, we should seek after Truth. The quiz featured below helps to separate what is true concerning “Christmas” and what we may have thought was true.

We’re sharing this with you hoping that it might provide good conversations between you and your spouse (and others you want to share it with). It’s written by Gary Kurz, who is a preacher and a Bible teacher. The entire quiz is posted on the Internet by the title, “A Christmas Quiz.” But here is an edited portion of the quiz (10 out of the 20 questions). We had to change the original numbering system to fit in this edited version for that reason.

Here is a shortened version:


“How much of what you think about Christ’s birth is from the Bible? And how much is from the world? Could you pass the following quiz on this topic? Test your knowledge. There are no trick questions, but you might be surprised by some of the answers. The answers are at the end of the quiz.

1. The day Jesus was born probably actually occurred on:

a. December 25th
b. March 29th
c. April 1st
d. We do not know.

2. A manger is:

a. a feeding trough
b. a barn
c. a stable
d. a room behind the Inn.

3. How were the shepherds to find and recognize the Lord?

a. by following a star
b. by asking at the Inn
c. by looking for a babe in a manger
d. by looking for the Magi.

4. How many wise men came to see baby Jesus?

a. two
b. The Bible doesn’t say.
c. three
d. none.

5. How did Joseph and Mary get to Bethlehem?

a. They walked.
b. by cart
c. Joseph walked/Mary rode a donkey.
d. The Bible doesn’t say.


6. Where did the wise men find Jesus?

a. In the manger
b. on a donkey with Mary
c. in the field
d. in a house.

7. The Innkeeper told Joseph:

a. There is no room.
b. We don’t allow children.
c. You can use the stable out back.
d. none of the above.

8. Who told Joseph to go to Bethlehem?

a. an angel
b. Herod
c. the tax collector
d. Caesar.

9. What song did the heavenly host sing?

a. “Away in a Manger”
b. “Joy to the World”
c. “Glory to God in the Highest”
d. They did not sing.

10. What animals were present at the birth of Jesus?

a. cows and sheep
b. cows, sheep and donkeys
c. cows, sheep and camels
d. unknown.


1. d … 2. a … 3. c … 4. b (The Bible says they saw the child in the house. They were not present at the manger and no mention is made as to how many Magi there were. We assume there were three because there were three gifts that were presented. But there were probably many, many more.)

5. d … 6. d … 7. d (No mention of the Inn Keeper is made.)

8. d (See Luke 2:1-3.)

9. d (We are told “a heavenly host saying.”)

10. d (The Bible does not say what animals were present.)”

Other Traditions

Now that you’ve taken this Christmas quiz, you might wonder, what’s the point? The point is that you are a little more informed of the events surrounding Christ’s birth apart from what Christmas tradition and songs tell you. Does that mean that we should throw the traditions out? We don’t believe sol. Instead, look at these traditions as you would any fictional story or movie. It’s entertaining; but we keep it in its proper perspective. And some of the traditions may be true. We just aren’t told in the Bible whether they are or not.

Above all, we hope you will use this Christmas holiday season for the evangelistic and worship opportunities that can bring. Be a “light” in your home. And be a light in your community that enjoys the spirit of the season and the symbolism you can pull from it. Celebrate Christ, and celebrate the joy of the Lord with everyone you can. Comfort those who are hurting and rejoice with those who are rejoicing.

We pray for you as it says in the book of Philemon that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.”

Cindy and Steve Wright

P.S. Below is another fun tool you can use. It’s filled with various Christmas games and puzzles you and your spouse can play with. Plus others will enjoy playing with them during your times of celebrating Christmas together. So share them with others, as well. They can spur great discussions.:



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