A Valentine’s Quiz – MM #134

Valentines Pixabay rose-2019692_1920Are you even ready for Valentine’s Day? Do you have the card? How about the gift? Have you made dinner reservations yet? If you answered “no” to two or more of the previous questions —You may be in trouble. 90% of all women are ready. 10% of all men are ready (with the day of the event almost upon us).

How do I (Steve) know this is true? It’s because I’m usually in the 10% category just before Valentines Day. Fortunately (for me), Cindy doesn’t like me to spend a lot of money on gifts. She would rather just spend time with me, especially if I were to engage in meaningful conversation. “What’s for dinner” or “Pass the Remote” doesn’t qualify as meaningful conversation. So that’s what we’d like to help you to do by leading you to a quiz you can take together that can lead you to a very meaningful time.

Valentine’s Quiz

This quiz comes to you just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s for everyone who would like to connect with their spouse in a meaningful way (and have some fun). That’s why we present this “Pop Quiz” to you that is written by author and speaker, Phil Callaway. It is posted on the Power to Change web site and has some great questions you can ask each other to take your marriage to a higher level.

We suggest that you print two copies and each take the quiz during your Valentine’s dinner date. Then, share your answers. It should prove to be interesting. To read it, please click onto:


Why Celebrate?

Also, we want to give you a bit of additional information to help you to better celebrate Valentine’s Day. We realize that many of you have different reasons why you do or don’t celebrate it. We want to be sensitive to your situation.

First, we put together the following article because:

Every year, when we mention Valentine’s Day, we receive letters from those who question whether we should celebrate it or not. This is because it has a “worldly” commercialized spin to it. It is celebrated in the “wrong” way by so many. Plus, the root origin of it can be questionable. We’re asked, “Who was St Valentine” and should we have a day celebrating what he did since it isn’t mentioned in the Bible?”

To read what we wrote, please click onto:


For those of you who dread Valentines Day for one reason or another here are a few links to articles you can read that may help you. The first is written by Laura Petherbridge and can be found on the Growthtrac.com web site:


Whitney Von Lake Hopler wrote an article, which is posted on the Crosswalk.com web site that aims to:


Ideas to Help Celebrate

Here are additional ideas that might spark your interest. It includes a “Newlywed Game” you can play at a party you may be planning with other couples:


From Lifeway.com:



We hope these quizzes, event ideas, and articles are a blessing to you and those you share them with, and that your marriage will be especially blessed throughout the entire week!

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.(1 John 4:7)

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.(1 John 4:11)

Steve and Cindy Wright

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