What is something special that you and your spouse do to celebrate Christmas?

That’s the question. What is something special that you and your spouse do to celebrate Christmas?

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3 responses to “What is something special that you and your spouse do to celebrate Christmas?

  1. (CANADA)  On Christmas Eve after we put the kids to bed, we stay up and exchange gifts with each other. This gives us the chance to spend some "alone" time together and be thankful and grateful to each other and for one another. Doing this makes Christmas morning even more special when we wake up and we focus on our children opening their gifts – watching them and having them is the greatest gift of Christmas. God Bless You!

  2. (SOUTH AFRICA)  Christmas is a time of celebration – we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the birth of our marriage covenant, the birth of our children and grandchildren. Finally, we celebrate our 2nd births in Jesus for without that, we could not celebrate the others.

  3. (USA)  Cheri and I have been involved in our church’s Christmas productions for more than a decade. The pageants and plays are always centered around Christ’s birth and they are marvelous outreach tools for the community. The commitment each year always seems undo-able, but as we prepare for the music, the choreography, all the memorization, the set and stage building, usually some months in advance, God begins to filter into our busy-ness and his message becomes clearer.

    There is no better way for Cheri and I to honor God, and immerse ourselves in Christ’s love and compassion, than focusing on those commitments. We discover that even with the hectic schedule, there is time for shopping, sharing, quiet times by the fire, and especially time for friends and family. God supplies all these things in rich abundance, and we have found that the Christmas holidays are the most blessed moments that we share together throughout the year.