What money tip can you share to inspire married couples who need help?

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We’re hoping you can answer the following question. It concerns any money tip you can share to help other married couples. Please answer the following question:


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7 responses to “What money tip can you share to inspire married couples who need help?

  1. (KENYA)  Never engage yourself, or have financial obligations your spouse doesn’t know about and may not approve of such.

  2. (USA)  KEEP NO SECRETS!!! The both of you will never get ahead if all funds are not used to each others best interest. If you married your best friend, you should not be concerned about your partner holding back either.

  3. (USA)  Remember that where your money is, so is your treasure. SO give first to GOD, then to your savings then the rest for the budget. Make investing in your marriage part of your budget. What you sow you shall reap. Invest in marriage…

  4. (USA)  Four rules for staying out of debt:
    1) Give 10%
    2) Save 10%
    3) Live off of Cash – If you can not but it outright, it is probably a want, not a need…
    4) Pray – Trust God when he says he will meet your needs…

    I have been a missionary living off of support for 15 years. God has never let us down. We have always had what he promised in Matt 6:33 – If we seek first him and his kingdom he will provide – Food, Clothing, & Drink…

    To keep from worry, remember that: Worry is trying to use today’s resouces to meet tomorrows needs…

    If you have what you need today, trust that God will give you what you need tomorrow…. Just as he has today.

  5. (SOUTH AFRICA)  Change your paradigm. We need double portions of Grace, fresh air, healthy food, a simple roof over our heads and lots of love. Trying to keep up with the Jones’ is asking for trouble. We are not in this world to try to prove ourselves, we are here to share Grace, Love, Peace, Joy and Blessed Abundance. Keeping it simple is the Formula for Grace, Gratitude and Glory.

  6. (SOUTH AFRICA)  If your spouse is better at dealing with finances than you are, leave it to them. I am terrible with money, I have entrusted my wife to deal with our finances. I am tired of running out of money every month. Don’t be too proud to admit you have a shortcoming.

  7. (USA-FLORIDA)  Communicate to your spouse about any money issues, even about your feeling and thoughts toward money. A good attitute to develop is: It’s OUR money, not your money or my money, but our money.