Church Library Marriage Mentoring Ideas

church library marriage mentoring efsa-1-61-1324 copyListed below are a few ideas that may help a church build a Marriage Resource section in their library. This would be for those who want to improve their marriages and to help those who have a desire to mentor other married couples. The following are church library marriage mentoring ideas.

Concerning Church Library Marriage Mentoring:

Have someone list all the marriage resources that you have in the marriage category in your library. Make the list available to the Marriage Mentoring leadership.

Periodically give an updated list of all the marriage resources that your church library has available to those in the Marriage Mentoring leadership of your church. That way, they’ll be able to recommend these resources to those who need them.

Make it your goal as Mentoring leaders to build the church library. Build it so it contains a wide variety of “helps” (books, DVD’s, etc.) for those who want to be pro-active in keeping marriages healthy.

Consider putting a small Christian Bookstore within your library. It could offer a limited selection of highly recommended books for purchase at a discounted price. This way if someone wanted to purchase a book, they wouldn’t have to search to obtain it elsewhere. But make sure that your library has at least one copy to lend of each resource you have in the bookstore section. The idea is to quickly get good resources into the hands of those who want them.


Have a notebook on file that contains “viewing and listening” guides for copying that will be helpful for those who want them and put a note on the cover or in a prominent place that states that “listening or viewing guides” are available upon request.

Ask your congregation to donate Marriage Resources that they know would be helpful to others.

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this article.

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  1. Thanks be to God our heavenly father who has not left us alone at every hour of need. This came at the moment of my very heart’s desire. I am so grateful for your willingness to do this great job to help people of God. Amen.

    1. Thank you Sister Faith. God is so very good! His timing and ways of meeting our needs surpass any that we can imagine. All glory goes to Him.