Groomed to Be First Lady in the Church

Groomed to be First Lady in church - Pixabay - CanvaGod works in mysterious ways! He does the opposite of what we want. And yet as we yield to His ways, He turns that situation around to help us to line up with His will. And we’ll eventually even be happy about it! This includes being the First Lady in Church —the Pastor’s wife. He truly IS a miracle worker!

First Lady in Church

Being or becoming a pastor’s wife is one of those situations in which we can see Him work in miraculous ways. That is, if we truly seek His will, His heart, and His plan for our lives. It may even be rocky at times, but if we follow God’s will, the journey can be amazing.

The first lady in her church, Lois Evans:

“readily admits that her initial years as first lady of the church she founded with her husband, Tony Evans, were two of the most difficult seasons she’s live through. To Lois Evans, the senior Pastor’s wife was a very isolated, much unappreciated role. It was a stifling position that a loving supportive wife accepted as her lot. She accepted it even as she mourned the slow death of her own gifts and talents. “

It was something she never wanted for her life and she told the Lord just that!

“At the age of 15 she told the Lord her heart was open to do whatever He wanted her to do —except be a pastor’s wife.”

God Had Different Plans

And yet, that’s exactly what happened! She eventually became a senior pastor’s wife. This happened even though her husband Tony, had told her at the beginning or their lives together that he wasn’t interested in being a pastor.

But through a turn of events, the Lord helped her to do what she needed to do through those first years. God then brought her to a time in life where she was able to bloom where she was planted. She now rejoices in this position.

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Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this article.

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