Future In Law Relationships: The Myths and Realities

Future in law relationships - Pixabay the-true-life-1099256_1920There are a few myths that you may need some reality-checks on before you marry. You don’t want to enter into marriage thinking one thing and then BAM!!! Your relationship changes and you’re surprised. It’s good to be prepared. But it’s important realize that reality may be different than the myth you may be thinking right now. This concerns future in law relationships.

Future In Law Relationships

Here are a few of the myths that you MAY or may not be embracing at this time:

Myth #1: After marriage, my relationship with his parents will be the same as when we were dating.

Myth #2: Once we get married, my wife and I will be free of our parents’ control.

Plus, Myth #3: Even though I don’t like my in-laws now, I’ll feel more like loving them after the marriage.

Myth #4: I won’t have to deal with my in-laws much after the wedding.

Myth #5: My in-laws will be totally annoying, intrusive people who will attempt to ruin my marriage.

So, what are some of the realities that one should consider to combat these myths? To read about them, please click onto the web site link provided below on the Focusonthefamily.com web site:

The Myths and Realities of Extended Families

In addition:

We found an article that may help those of you who are considering marrying someone with an Eastern Religious background. There are some special considerations you need to keep in mind as far as how you will deal with in-law relationships. Please click onto the link provided below to read:


To read through a series of articles on In Law relationships, which appears on the web site Focusonthefamily.com:


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One response to “Future In Law Relationships: The Myths and Realities

  1. Why continue the myth that there is, in fact, a legally-binding relationship that is “in-laws.” There is no such legally binding relationship, and the term should have been long-abandoned. It is false.