Questions From The Other Woman

Other Woman - AdobeStock_799067131Have you ever wanted to know what the other woman or the other man, who is involved in adultery is thinking? It’s inconceivable for many of us to understand how they could justify their deceitful behavior with someone else’s spouse. Despite what the adulterous spouse says or does to make this affair happen, it’s still confusing.

The Other Woman or Other Man

Just what IS this person thinking to make their actions work within their minds? Why would they think this person won’t cheat on them in the future?

When you see the devastation that is caused in the life of families that are torn apart because of infidelity, it’s difficult to imagine that anyone could justify their actions. How could they be involved with an infidel, even if they are “charming” or “seem” to be a victim in their marriage.

Author Anne Bercht, often receives letters from “the other woman/other man” involved in adultery. And many times she writes them a response to their questions.

In the article provided below, Anne addresses three separate letters from women who wrote to her of their affairs. They are asking her for insights and assistance.

We believe you will benefit from reading what Anne has to say and gain helpful insights. It is posted on the great web site for the Beyond Affairs Network:


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39 responses to “Questions From The Other Woman

  1. My husband has been having an affair for like almost 2 years and that’s the reason why were separated. He told me to leave. We’ve been married a little over 20 years. I want restoration but he is so lost right now and if God puts it upon your heart to pray for our marriage and our family please do, please do so. We’re not even speaking. He doesn’t even want to talk or see me.

    1. Hi N from US…I’m going through the same heartbreak, but please don’t ever loose hope. I’m praying and believing that Jesus is a powerful name. There is “magic” only in his words. I’ve been married for 10 years where most of the time I’ve been looking after our two kids alone. He has been drinking and didn’t want to come home anymore. He sent me a message to say he wanted a divorce which he filed. This past year I got so much closer to Jesus, my Savior. I’ve been asking a lot of questions, reading and praying (midnight prayers), fasting and I’ve asked God to bring back my husband as a holy man. I was so frustrated in the beginning that I even asked God to take him out of my life and give him to another woman.

      Guess what? God did that. He met another woman, after a year passed, he phoned me to say that he is going to rehab (doing it for himself, which I don’t believe); he said sorry for what he has done to me, he and the OW has separated for a period, but he talks of going back after the “rehab”. But God is a God of miracles. The divorce didn’t happen yet and I believe that God wants to restore every marriage. He hates divorce according to Mal 2… For God, nothing is impossible, don’t look at what you see or hear, just believe. The devil is the enemy here and will try to convince you otherwise. Pray for your husband that God will open his heart and soften it, open his eyes and ears to know when the Holy spirit is talking to him. My husband even told me that a strange man came to him and said that it looks like he needed some prayer. Immediately I knew that was the opening for God to come in and change him. If God could change Paul after he killed Christians, why can’t God change your husband to?

      So..don’t listen to everything that people says; go back to the Word of God and ask him. Claim your husband back.. Go read: Elisha Goodman’s E-Book, “Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ” and fast!! Cast the devil and all who enters into your marriage and stands between your husband and God out with the blood of Jesus and demand that they will flee in seven directions back to where they come from. God sent me a message yesterday in a bible Group: “Everything you are going through, is preparing you for what you asked for…” Again God gives me hope so I will not give up, because My God does listen and picked every tear I shed up. I’ll pray for you and your husband and the OW…If Hosea could pray the other men away from his wife, God can do that for you too. What God put together no man can take apart, it’s men’s heart that hardened and sometimes our hearts too. In the meantime…be still.