SUBMISSION: God’s Organizational Flow Chart

Submission God's Flow Chart - AdobeStock_253815711Someone once said, “We can love completely without completely understanding everything.” This is also true as it pertains to biblical submission. We don’t understand why God tells in the Bible to do this. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. Submission is not an easy concept for us to understand. But it is biblical.

Pertaining to this matter, author Bunny Wilson told of an interview she was involved in on a call-in radio talk show on the subject of “Liberated Through Submission.” This is actually the title of one of her books. Afterward she explains her point further.

First the interview and then her point. From the beginning of the interview she was immediately challenged by the host of the program.

Here’s a portion of the interview on Submission:

Announcer: Bunny has come on the air to tell you wives you must submit. Isn’t that why you’re on the air today Bunny?

Bunny: No— I came on the air today to tell them that you’re a submitted man.”

Announcer: What do you mean by that?

Bunny: Submission means to yield to authority. Let me ask you, do you own the radio station you’re interviewing me from?

Announcer: No.

Bunny: Do you have a General Manager?

Announcer: Yes, and it’s a woman.

Bunny: That’s even better. Do you always agree with the programming of the General Manager?

Announcer: Of course not!

Bunny: The very fact that you’re still on the air interviewing me today, means that you’ve had to yield to her final decisions. And that makes you a submitted man.

[The announcer opened up the phone lines. The first caller started by calling Bunny a “bimbo.” She then stated that her book should be burned.]

Bunny: Let me ask you a question. Did you know that Feminists are submitted women?

[Bunny said that after she said this the caller sounded like she was gnawing on the phone.]

Bunny: Let me explain: Feminists have organizations. They have Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Directors. And when they get into their Board Rooms, do you think they always agree with the direction of their particular Feminist Movement?

Of course not! We know they’re opinionated women. But they know before they leave that Board Room that the President has the right to make the final decision. And they must graciously submit because “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Submission is a Part of Every Day Living

The point in all of this is that there is never a time where we’re not submitted. The only question is, to WHO, and to WHAT ARE WE SUBMITTED TO?

Women of God, please recognize this. GOD has an ORGANIZATIONAL FLOW CHART. HE has an ESTABLISHED AUTHORITY.

And if we refuse to yield to that authority, and established order then as a judge will tell you, “Ignorance of the Law doesn’t excuse you from the penalty of the Law.”

Submission is a very positive, powerful and aggressive principle. It has been designed for every man, every woman, single and married by God. We’re ALL called upon to submit.

Finally, the Bible says, “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all to the glory of God.” How would you treat Jesus if He came to your house? What I do is I serve Jesus. It just so happens that my husband is standing in the way and becomes the physical recipient. I’m not looking for the praise from him. I’m looking to hear Jesus say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

This article comes from a talk titled, “Go for the Gold” that speaker and author Bunny Wilson gave at a Women of Virtue Conference. It was held in Clinton Township, Michigan at Bethesda Christian Church.

Bunny Wilson and her husband Frank were happily married for over 40 years before he passed away. Bunny is the author of several books. One of them, Liberated Through Submission: God’s Design for Freedom in All Relationships (which is published by Harvest House Publishers) further explains the submission concept.

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