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Twitter Marriage Pixabay social-media-2201285_1920The following are a number of quotes that Marriage Missions sent out and then posted on our Twitter site as marriage tips. These Twitter marriage quotes can also be used in a variety of ways:

• A church, ministry, counseling organization, or an individual can use them to share.

• They can be used as points of discussion in marriage classes, mentoring, counseling, or coaching situations.

• Couples or individuals can use these quotes to discuss or consider the issues raised. It’s important to allow the Holy Spirit, our Wonderful Counselor, to speak further to them.

They make great discussion points for those couples who want to use them for conversation starters for a 22 Minute Date. (The guidelines are posted in the Romantic Idea topic.) Just make sure if you use these quotes in a dating situation you don’t get into heated arguments over them.

The point in sharing these tips is to build marital relationship bridges, not construct walls of contention. You can constructively disagree with these tips and with each other. But you can still learn more about each other and grow closer together in the process.

Twitter Marriage Tips Can Help Marriages

It is our sincere hope that the tips below will help marriages. As you read them, consider:

1. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

2. Do you have further thoughts on the issue, to apply personally or as a general rule? (If you’re reading them with someone else, please share.)

3. Do any scriptures come to mind, which apply to the marriage tip given? (If possible, please share.)

The following are quotes to note for your use. (Each quote stands on its own. For your knowledge, the original sources are noted afterward in parenthesis.) They are broken up into segments for easier reading.

Quotes to Note:

  • “Don’t underestimate the influence your marriage may have on others. Foster your oneness for maximum impact in the world.” (Eye2eyemarriage)
  • “You may not have been married when the babies came. But you need to constantly nurture your marriage if it’s to exist once the babies go!” (Twitter quote from The Pure Bed)
  • “Conflict tip: Focus on 1 thing at a time. Chasing a rabbit trail of popular grievances is exhausting and counterproductive.” (Eye2eyemarriage)
  • Strive to be emotionally intelligent enough to benefit from correction given by your spouse —even if it’s not presented kindly. (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Marriages become more about what we believe about each other. If we think on good things (as Philippians 4 says) this truth will be a blessing.” (Twitter quote from Eye2eyemarriage)
  • “1 + 1 = 1, may not be an accurate mathematical concept, but it’s an accurate description of God’s intention for the marriage relationship.” (Wayne Mack)
  • “What can you do with the next 10 years? How can you be a better husband/wife, father, friend? What can you do to reach out and help others?” (Paul Byerly)
  • Married lovers have the road maps to each others hot buttons. How will you handle that knowledge AND responsibility? (J & G Murphy)
  • “A married couple shouldn’t expect one another to be sexually psychic. Speak what you want so you can get what you speak.” (Twitter quote from Quote from The Pure Bed)
  • “Let the wife make her husband glad to come home and let the husband make the wife sorry to see him leave.” The reverse is also true. (Martin Luther)

Additionally Note:

  • “Everyone is dealt challenges during their lives. It’s how you respond to them that matters.” (Michele Weiner Davis)
  • “Never forget that you can’t hurt your spouse without hurting yourself too. You aren’t competing, you are now one flesh.” (J & G Murphy)
  • When you marry, consider: “God is the witness to every marriage ceremony and will witness to every violation of its vows.” (Thomas Moore)
  • “Conflict is NOT a sign that your marriage is ending or that it should end. Conflict is simply a byproduct of living under the same roof.” (Michele Weiner-Davis)
  • “It takes a lifetime to really, truly know someone, so always strive to be a student of your spouse. Where are you at in your education?” (Twitter quote from Eye2eyemarriage)
  • “Keep well-groomed. Maintaining proper care of your body and practicing good hygiene show that you care about and respect your spouse.” (Clifford L. Penner and Joyce J. Penner)
  • “Couples often ask, ‘on average, how many times per week do couples have sex?’ The average doesn’t matter, what you compromise on does.” (Michele Weiner-Davis)
  • “The bonds of matrimony are a good investment when the interest is kept up.” Do what you can to invest in your relationship intentionally!
  • “Commit your marriage fully to God, asking Him to show you and your spouse how to leverage your time, resources and skills for God’s kingdom.” (Whitney Hopler)
  • “Focus outwardly. Together, you two can impact your community and your world. Don’t settle for simply entertaining yourselves.” (Jill Killiam)
  • “As soon as you recall your spouse’s weaknesses—start asking God to help you with specific weaknesses of your own.” It balances your focus. (Gary Thomas)

Quotes to Prayerfully Consider:

  • “Don’t think of yourself more highly than you ought. (Romans 12:3) Porn is toxic, killing viewers’ appetites for intimacy. ALL viewers are victims.” (Twitter quote from The Pure Bed)
  • “Agape love is kind. Practice kindness with your spouse today remembering that agape gives what is needed, not deserved.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “A loving spouse appreciates a mate’s efforts to romance them despite the outcome. It is the work to woo them that wows them.” (From The Pure Bed)
  • “If you have an unbelieving spouse your role is to model Christ’s Love not nag.” (Eye2eyemarriage)
  • “Love is selfless, sacrificial, and transformational. And when love is demonstrated as it was intended relationships are usually better.” (From book: The Love Dare)
  • “The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence …but it’s Astroturf! Don’t be a fool!!! (J & G Murphy)
  • “When you raise your voice in a conversation, it’s no longer about what’s best for all the people involved, it’s about your power and pride.” (Corey, from simple article, “We Have Trouble Communicating”)
  • “A man or woman seeking to satisfy their sexual cravings with porn is like a person who’s dying of thirst while lusting after salt.” (J & G Murphy)
  • “Marital sex can comfort, uplift or console. It is not to punish or control. We must not weaponize what God has blessed.” (Twitter quote from The Pure Bed)
  • Love your spouse as Christ does. “Love doesn’t sit there like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all of the time, made new.” (Ursula K. Le Guin)

Also Consider:

  • Provide support for your spouse during his/her stressful times —even if it’s only a hug, smile, or encouraging word. (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Be sure to look to God for your security and self-esteem —not your spouse. Don’t expect your spouse to do what only God can do.” (Whitney Hopler)
  • “A lot of what’s in our minds first entered through our eyes.” Be careful not to view what God forbids. Don’t defile your marriage bed! (Quote from The Pure Bed)
  • “If there was more courting in marriage, there’d be fewer marriages in court. Date your mate. Today.” (Rick Warren)
  • “A loving spouse appreciates a mate’s efforts to romance them despite the outcome. It is the work to woo them that wows them.” (Quote from The Pure Bed)
  • Unite with God and your spouse spiritually. “Make a regular practice of praying together, incorporating prayer into your marriage frequently.” (Whitney Hopler)
  • “When communicating with your spouse, speak in a respectful manner. Harsh tones and words will short-circuit the conversation.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “If you’ve married poorly, develop a rich prayer life. And pray He changes you, because you got yourself into this mess.” (God is Able Ministry)
  • “The marriage of William to Kate must be officially recognized by the Queen. Interesting. Ours has to be recognized by The King.” (Twitter quote from The Pure Bed)
  • “The worse enemy of a great marriage is a good marriage. Many people say they want a better marriage never do what it takes to have one.” (Paul Byerly)
  • “If getting rid of one’s problematic spouse was a solution, why would 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce?” (Michelle Weiner Davis)

Even More Quotes to Note:

  • “Holding a grudge against your spouse handcuffs your heart. Forgive and be free.” (Marriage Works!)
  • “Pray for your mate. Don’t pray that God would change your mate to your liking but that God would bless and cause them to reflect His image.” (Mad About Marriage)
  • “When marriage becomes difficult, the answer is not finding a new person, but a fresh appreciation of the ‘old’ person.” (Mark Alcorn)
  • “The number one goal in resolving a conflict is to make sure both sides maintain their self-esteem.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Even when you’re at the breaking point in your marriage, trust that God’s love enables you to reach beyond the break to hold on…” (Quote from The Pure Bed)
  • “In marriage, saying ‘I’m sorry’ takes guts. It isn’t pleasant; but it is powerful.” (Eye2eyemarriage)
  • “Marriage done God’s way is the closest thing to heaven on earth. Marriage done wrong? Well, you know where that leads…” (J & G Murphy)
  • “Based on your example, what do your kids think about marriage? Be wise…little eyes are watching.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Avoid using phrases like ‘You never…’ or ‘You always…’. These will only add fuel to the fires of conflict.” (J & G Murphy)
  • “Harsh words don’t break bones, but they often break hearts.” “When words are many, sin is not absent…” Choose your words wisely. (Quote from RevRunWisdom, plus Proverbs 10:19)
  • “If you married poorly, God can help you. But first bow down, cry out, turn around and look up. (2 Chronicles 7:14) God wants your undivided attention.” (Quote from The Pure Bed)
  • “For loving married couples, kisses are conversations. Their lips are speaking in a different way but speaking just the same.” (The Pure Bed)

Consider Prayerfully:

  • “If you fall in love with God —if you REALLY fall in love with God, you’ll notice a difference in your love toward your spouse.” (Mike and Debbie Breaux)
  • Uncommon sense: Speaking words that tear down your spouse will also tear down and could destroy your marriage relationship. BEWARE! (Cindy Wright from idea given by Marriage Works)
  • “Thinking the best of your mate doesn’t mean his/her weaknesses don’t exist. It means you’ve decided to focus on the strengths.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Make time a priority. Give your spouse the time of day. A good part. Perhaps lunch. Without mobile devices. Without kids or distractions.” (Stu Gray)
  • “Have you ever thought about how your marriage looks to your children—or about how your attitudes toward marriage are influencing them?” (From article, “What will your child’s marriage look like?”)
  • “Be careful what you say and how you say it! A little harsh remark can evolve into a giant wedge between the two of you.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Be habitual about speaking words of love, life and encouragement to each other.” If you’re too busy to be kind, you’re too busy! (Gary Sinclair)
  • “Sunglasses hide your eyes from your wife but God sees your life. Stop staring. Stop lusting after other women. Get disciplined TODAY.” (#JustSayin)
  • “Love is built on two pillars that best define what it is. Those pillars are patience and kindness.” (The Love Dare book) Add to that TRUST!
  • “You don’t have to be against your spouse just because he/she is against you. Exercise self-control and walk in love.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)

Quotes to Prayerfully Note:

  • “Above all, strive to reflect HONOR in all of your words or actions during a conflict.”  (See: Romans 12:10; Romans 2:3) (Quote from Michael Smalley)
  • “Keep passion alive in your marriage. Every new day that God gives you and your spouse, pursue each other like you did when you were dating.” (Craig Groeschel)
  • “Edit yourself: Couples who avoid saying every angry thought when discussing touchy topics are consistently the happiest.” (John Gottman)
  • “Approach conflict with this framework: ‘I need to resolve this in a way that leaves my marriage healthy and functional.'” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “God wants us to change just as much as we want our mate to change. Be merciful and remember your mate, just like you, is a work in progress.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Pray together. When the spiritual part of a relationship is sturdy and strong, that lays the foundation for a healthy physical intimacy.” (Sabrina Beasley)
  • “Marriage is about doing life together. Be the partner that you know your spouse needs. Be the partner you would love to have in return.” (From
  • “Couples, words are tools to build or slay. They heal or harm, pray or prey. They promote a fall or light a way. Use words wisely everyday.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Thoughts affect attitudes, which affect feelings, and then behavior. Want a better marriage? Change your MIND about your spouse FIRST!” (Facebook quote given by commenter on July 14, 2011)
  • “Envisioning others as you make love may keep things ‘interesting’ to you but your adultery (Matthew 5:28) is insulting to God.” (#MarriedSex)


  • “Disengage with technology and engage with one another. Pick a night, a day, a weekend, a week, where you only play with are each other.” (Stu Gray)
  • “God gave us to each other to be helpmates. To work together. Marriage is a team sport. You’re not enemies. You’re on the same team.” (From
  • This Christmas season: “Set reasonable expectations- Make sure you discuss early on what YOU as a COUPLE want for the holidays.” (Teri Claassen)
  • “Surround criticism with encouragement. Focus on desired expectations or positive changes rather than on faults.” (Proverbs 15:1; Proverbs 15:13) (Quote from Michael Smalley)

Still More Quotes:

  • “Your spouse has and will mess up, but spreading their failures and shortcomings to others won’t build them up or strengthen your marriage.” (Debi Walter)
  • “Many of you are in a situation where you’re the only one working the marriage. You can only do your part. Focus on that.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Don’t make your spouse be your savior. Only Jesus is to be that. Your spouse is your partner, lover, and friend.” (Marriage Works!)
  • “Those who PERSIST in presuming the best about their spouse and maintain a forgiving attitude, create a better marriage for themselves.” (Rebecca Hagelin)
  • “You can’t fight against a belligerent attitude. All you can do is pray, and model good spousal behavior.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:32)
  • When communicating something important, picking the right time and place to present it can be important in the message you’re going to convey.
  • “Pretty soon your spouse will do or say something that offends you. Choose your response now, remembering love blankets offenses.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “There’s nothing quite like holding one another tightly as we pray together. In fact, there may not be a more secure feeling in the world.” (Barbara Rainey)
  • “Keep short accounts and extend forgiveness regularly. Nothing will ruin a desire to be with your spouse faster than resentment and bitterness.” (Sabrina Beasley)
  • “Instead of noticing what your mate isn’t doing for you, start noticing what they are doing… catch each other doing things right.” (Dr David Hawkins)

Additional Quotes:

  • “When you’re at that Christmas party and you catch the eye of your spouse, give them a smile. Remember that feeling throughout the year.” (Stu Gray)
  • Are you decorating Christmas? 1st and foremost: “Decorate your face with a smile. Be warm and patient with your family.” Build GOOD memories! (Lori Byerly)
  • “Traditions are great, and a good way to build love and make memories, but when the tradition is more important than the family it’s a problem.” (Paul Byerly)
  • “If you’re married, give the gift that will keep giving to your children, everyone around you, and yourself. Give the gift of commitment.” (Chris Fabry)
  • Give the gift of touch. “Find opportunities to hold hands, touch a shoulder or the small of the back. Kiss more often—if just little pecks.” (Stu Gray)
  • “Our thoughts and words dictate much in our married life (‘As a man thinketh…‘). Our words and thoughts have more power than we give credit.” (Fawn Weaver)
  • Unknowingly, we can communicate nonverbally that other people and activities are more important to us than our spouse. Be aware; be present.
  • “Quitting a marriage may temporarily reduce pressure, but a broken marriage and family will add truckloads of new pressures over a lifetime.” (Dennis Rainey)
  • “Scriptures tell us to ‘Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.‘ (Romans 12:2) That is what is needed in our marriages today.” (Dr David Hawkins)
  • “Talk, Plan, Dream and Pray together. Having a long term vision for where you want to be gives you goals to shoot for in your marriage.” (Stu Gray)

Twitter Quotes to Note:

  • “They say it takes a village to raise a child. That may be, but truth is, it takes a lot of solid, stable marriages to create a village.” (Extended quote: “They say it takes a village to raise a child. That may be the case, but the truth is that it takes a lot of solid, stable marriages to create a village.” -Diane Sollee)
  • TRULY LISTEN. “Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t finish sentences before your spouse is done speaking. Open the ears and close the mouth.” (Stu Gray)
  • “Make loving your spouse a top priority. Your kids will thank you for it — and you will, too!” (Glen and Christie Hoos)
  • “Games of revenge played between spouses result in multiple losers —especially if children are involved.” Your spouse is not your enemy! (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we should wait for someone else to do the right thing before we do the right thing.” (Sheila Wray Gregoire)
  • “Your feet belong on the floor, not in your mouth. Speak wisely and slowly” “Let no unwholesome word come out of your mouth…(Twitter Quote from Marriage Works! Scripture from Ephesians 4:29)
  • “When arguing, it is more important to explore the issues, not driving the goal in determining who is right or wrong.” (Twitter quote came mainly from: Marriage Works!)
  • Kiss your spouse. “Start your day with a kiss. Studies show couples who kiss each other daily are happier, overall, than couples who don’t.” (Cindi McMenamin)
  • “We judge ourselves by our intentions. We judge our spouses by their actions. No wonder we think we’re better!” “Judge not…(Anne Moodie)

More Twitter Marriage Quotes:

  • “To love when wronged by the wrong you love is to exemplify Christ-like behavior. His love overcame all offenses.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “The attitude you CHOOSE to have to begin your day will either enhance or taint your relationship with your spouse.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Never talk bad about your spouse to others whether in their presence or behind their backs. Be mature; discuss what bothers you with them.” (Debi Walter)
  • In your marriage, REMEMBER: You’re not enemies nor in competition with each other. You’re to work toward the same goal… Strive TOGETHER.
  • “When you or your spouse phones you, say, ‘Hello, my love.’ This sets a framework in BOTH of your minds of who your spouse is to you.” (Quote from, Marriage Works!)
  • “Pray that no aspect of your marriage will be dull, losing energy and spiritual spontaneity, which Christ enjoys adding to our relationships.” (Dennis Rainey)
  • “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It’s when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” (Dave Meurer)
  • Keep in mind: “Difficult times, even when they’re caused by one or both partners, are some of the best times of growth together.” (Debi Walter)
  • “As we express our gratitude for our mates, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” (Two-gether For ever)
  • “One way to let folks know you’re protective of your mate and marriage is to continually speak well of your spouse.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Soften your start up: Arguments flare because a spouse escalates conflict from the get-go by making a remark in a confrontational tone.” (The Gottman Institute)

Even More Twitter Marriage Quotes:

  • “Praying for your spouse, then cursing him/her is unproductive” Pray, as God would have you, not as you are tempted! (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “No matter how long you’ve been married, your spouse wants to feel like he/she is special to you.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • Put spark in your marriage: “Get intentional. Create a positive experience for you and your spouse—on purpose.” And then another and another… (Michael Lace)
  • “A messed up marriage impacts other parts of your life. Fix the marriage, and other areas start to work better.” (Twitter marriage quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Your wedding had a written plan. Does your marriage? Write it down. Make it happen.” (Marriage Fire)
  • “Show your husband or wife that you value her/him, by giving your FULL attention —both when they are speaking AND when you are responding.” (Lori Byerly)
  • “Fights are going to happen in marriage. Choose to handle conflicts in the right way and build up your marriage instead of tearing it down.” (Sabrina Beasley)
  • “Be the peacemaker in your marriage. There’s a blessing associated with playing that role.” (See: Matthew 5:9) (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • Pride can kill a marriage relationship. “First pride, then the crash—the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.” (Proverbs 16:18 MSG)
  • “Avoid people who will weaken your resolve to be a good spouse. Associate with folks who will encourage you.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “No one pushes to go to divorce court because their spouse is meeting too many of their needs.” (Mark Gungor)
  • “If you take your spouse for granted, you just might see someone else take ’em away! Be diligent!” (Marriage Works!)

Additional Twitter Marriage Quotes:

  • Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust. Love still stands when all else has fallen.(See: 1 Corinthians 13:7-8) (Twitter quote by VirtuousP31Lady)
  • “Love is not blind —it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.” (Rabbi Julius Gordon)
  • “Send your thoughts of love, admiration and appreciation. Use text messaging to send positive thoughts and feelings towards your spouse.” (Jennine Estes)
  • “Pause every 60 minutes today to pray for your spouse and yourself. Ask God to fill your hearts with marriage wisdom.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Bringing up dirt from the past that has already been resolved or supposedly forgiven will keep your marriage from working.” (Marriage Works!)
  • “Make a concerted effort to have a few minutes a day just for you and your spouse where you can connect. Make your marriage a PRIORITY.” (Gary and Barb Rosberg)
  • “Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly [Christ-like] love, in honor giving preference to one another…” (Romans 12:10)
  • “Secretive behavior can spill over into more and more serious transgressions, until it becomes infidelity in a marriage.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “Even if you think the grass is greener on the other side, you’re going to have to mow that side too.” (Joyce Meyer)
  • “Marriage will expose immaturity and selfishness faster than anything on earth. That’s why having a happy marriage takes a lot of hard work.” (Quote from
  • “The constant making of mountains out of mole hills in marriage leads to a frustrated spouse. Pray for wisdom to know when to chill.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)

Twitter Marriage Quotes to Consider:

  • When we’re upset with our spouse: “Most of what we deal with isn’t that important and we would simply do well to get over it.” (Quote from Couplethingsblog article, “Get Over It”)
  • “Do you want to be blessed —as an individual and as a married couple? Then read and study the Bible together and do (apply) what it says.” (David Clarke)
  • “Being there for your spouse, when they need it the most, means so much more than any “thing” you can give them.” (Donald Rowan)
  • “Argumentative and quarrelsome spouses make married life hard. Pick your battles, and don’t make everything a drama.” (Quote from Marriage Works!)
  • “If we all left our marriages when they became unromantic, none of us would be married. The renewal has to spring from within.” (Iris Krasnow)
  • This is a wake up call. “Are you clean” in your personal life? Are you involved in some “hidden” sin which can infect the your marriage?
  • “Two wrongs don’t make a right, and will probably start a fight. Leave vengeance to God.” (Twitter quote from Marriage Works!)
  • Do you see a man who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for him.(Proverbs 29:20)
  • Keep in mind: your spouse doesn’t HAVE to be with you. Are you even the loving, supportive partner, which he/she would WANT to be with? (Cindy Wright)
  • “Improve your relationship by spending less time determining what your spouse should already know and more time being open about your needs.” (Aja Dorsey Jackson)
  • Couples who “build friendship, foster intimacy and shared meaning in their lives” can “re-ignite optimism about each other and their marriage.” (Rebecca Hagelin)

More Twitter Marriage Quotes:

  • “How we act at home with our spouse is the most accurate and revealing glimpse of who we really are deep within.” (Mike Hoppe)
  • “In marriage, life is lived in close proximity. You need Christ to love your spouse through you, despite your spouse’s flaws and weaknesses.” (Dennis and Barbara Rainey)
  • No one teaches us how to be happily married; it’s a learning process. Become a student of marriage and your spouse and learn one day at a time. (Cindy Wright)
  • When out: “Communicate your whereabouts.” Share because you’re marriage PARTNERS and “share because it’s the kind, considerate thing to do.” (Lori Byerly)
  • “Romance isn’t only about planning great dates. It’s about expressing love to one another in the midst of a busy life” –DESPITE busyness. (Debi Walter)
  • “Speak the truth in love. In each situation, you have a choice to make: use words that build or words that destroy.” (Glenn Wagner)
  • “Marriage is like a long trip in a tiny boat. If 1 spouse rocks the boat, the other has to steady it or they’ll go to the bottom together.” (Glenn Wagner -Expanded quote: “Marriage is like a long trip you take in a tiny rowboat. If one passenger starts to rock the boat, the other has to steady it, otherwise, they will both go down to the bottom together.”)
  • “Marriages are not made in heaven —they come in kits and you have to put them together yourself.” (Unknown)


  • “To please your mate: Stop, look and listen. Observe what your mate does for you, wait 2 weeks, and do the same thing for your mate.” (Expanded quote: “A Simple Rule to Please Your Mate: All you have to do is stop, look and listen. Closely observe what your mate does for you, wait two weeks, and then do the same thing for your mate.” – Ellen Kreidman)
  • “Marriage demands toughness. Toughness proceeds out of commitment. No marriage will ever be stronger than its commitment infrastructure.” (Neil Clark Warren)
  • “Companionship time involves much more than simply being in the same place at the same time.” (Glenn Wagner) It takes involvement together.
  • COMMIT TODAY: “Sacrifice is the language of romance. Selfishness is the language of isolation and rejection. Commitment inspires sacrifice.” (Barbara Rainey)
  • “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” (Romans 12:18) Are you sowing seeds of peace or discord in your marriage?
  • Marriage: “The more we encourage each other to make it about Jesus, the more unity and joy we discover side by side in the mission of marriage.” (From marriage article, “Your Marriage is a Lie”)
  • In your marriage: “To say ‘I appreciate what you did’ in specific terms sends the energy of gratitude straight from one heart to the other.” (Nina Atwood)
  • “As a husband or a wife, you have a place of influence that no one else has! We’re wise to learn how to be our spouse’s safe place.” (April Motl)
  • “Sometimes when we become moms and dads we forget to be friends and lovers with our spouse. Don’t neglect your marriage relationship.” (Dr Phil McGraw)

Even More Quotes:

  • “What happens to cause the death of romantic love for our spouse? One main reason: We stop the things that create deep emotional feelings.” (David Clarke, Ph.D.)
  • “A marriage is tenderized when a couple patiently holds fast to God —and to each other —through hardships.” (Ken Tada)
  • “Prayers of thankfulness literally form our soul. They effectively groom our affections. Make liberal use of this powerful marriage tool.” (Gary Thomas)
  • “No two people define love in exactly the same way. What it takes your partner to feel loved is likely different than your definition.” (Michele Weiner-Davis)
  • “Love is a living thing. If you nurture it, it grows. If you neglect it, it dies. Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s a decision.” (Michele Weiner-Davis)
  • “There’s actually a MARITAL reason you have 2 ears and only 1 mouth. It’s because you’re supposed to LISTEN twice as much as you talk.” (Mort Fertel)
  • “Demeaning words can squash love. What’s more important, getting an insignificant fact straight, or honoring your spouse’s self-esteem?” (Mike and Debbie Breaux)
  • “Love doesn’t hold a grudge. When we’ve blown it with each other, worldly love would say, Move on. But God’s love says, Go make it right.” (Mike and Debbie Breaux)
  • “The same power that raised Christ from the dead is available to us. It can make us new and resurrect any relationship that seems hopeless.” (Dave Boehi)
  • “The happiest husband is the one who lives with a double standard—he’s tough on himself and easy on his wife.” The reverse is true too. (Gary Thomas)

Yep! There’s More!

  • “Be descriptive with what you’re looking for from your partner. Don’t say, ‘I need you to be more loving.’ Do say, ‘I need you to do ___.'” (Michele Weiner-Davis)
  • “Simply because your partner ‘bites’ in a text message, this doesn’t give you the green light to ‘bite’ back. Try to respond with love.” (Jennine Estes)
  • “What we need is a time machine so people entering into an affair could flash forward to see their lives at the other end of the lust.” (Diane Sollee – Expanded quote: “What we really need is a time machine so that people entering into an affair could flash forward and see themselves, their kids, and their lives at the other end of this “tunnel of love” —at the end of the lust.”)
  • “Kissing and complimenting are good uses of you mouth. Gripping and yelling are bad uses.” (Paul Byerly)
  • Through love serve one another.” (Galatians 5:13) “Start with your spouse and move out from there. Where and how can you make time for your sweetie?” (Lori Byerly)
  • “Thank your spouse for something you haven’t acknowledged —something she (he) does all the time that usually goes unnoticed.” (Ajay Dorsey Jackson)
  • “When a conflict talk gets off track, even a little, shut it down. Take a time out and get some space.” Then come back to it when you can.” (David Clarke)
  • “No marriage is bulletproof. Guard it with everything you have, and entrust it to God.” (Jill Killiam)
  • “Effective communication with your spouse is often as simple as paying attention to what pushes his/her buttons. Avoid those triggers.” (Michele Weiner-Davis)

Here are More Twitter Marriage Quotes:

  • “It’s easier to read and re-tweet about marriage than it is to ACT. Knowing what to do isn’t the problem. APPLYING what you learn and know is.” (Gleaned from article, “Four Things We Now Know”)
  • “Marriage is all about a heart surrender. It’s about forgiveness. It’s about loving Jesus more than I love myself.” Tough to do but true. (Lynn, from Spiritually Unequal Marriage)
  • “Think of 3 things that would make your spouses day. They should show that you love, care, and know them well. The challenge? DO THEM!” (Stu Gray)
  • “The bonds of matrimony are the greatest investment possible as you work to keep up the interest.” (Unknown)
  • “It’s not differences but how we handle them that separate successful marriages from failures.” (Diane Sollee)
  • While resolving a conflict: “Don’t stonewall your spouse by running and hiding behind a ‘stone wall’ and refusing to discuss the issue.” (Gary Oliver)
  • “Improve your marriage in minutes: Send an ‘I Love You’ text. Because who doesn’t like to hear that they’re loved for no reason at all?” (Ajay Dorsey Jackson)
  • Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam. So drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.(Proverbs 17:14)
  • “If the relationship between you and your spouse is really your priority then you must allocate some time towards your growth as a couple.” (From article, “If I Only Had Time,”)
  • “In good relationships, you learn to distinguish between the important issues and the petty ones. Learn to choose your battles wisely.” (Michele Weiner-Davis)


  • “Don’t keep financial secrets from each other. They don’t remain secret.” “Be sure your sin will find you out.(Numbers 32:23) (Jill Killiam)
  • “Conflict resolution tip: “Stay in the present. Don’t bring up past events. Even if you feel they’ll help you win, in the end you’ll lose.” (Gary Oliver)
  • While resolving conflicts: Don’t interrupt. Take turns. If needed, set a timer so you’re each able to state your feelings and responses.
  • “Do Unto Others —at Home. The first place to live out the Bible’s ‘love one another’ advice is right in your own marriage.” (Margaret Brouillette)
  • Wise are those who restrain their talking. People with understanding are coolheaded.” (Proverbs 17:27)
  • Beware: “Never roll your eyes at your spouse. It’s disrespectful and it kills marriage relationships. Contempt breeds contempt.” (Quote from book: “Married to Distraction”)
  • “Approaching one’s mate with boxing gloves is not likely to bring out the best in him or her. Make your default approach one of warmth.” (Michele Weiner-Davis)
  • “Your actions are seeds. It’s impossible to sow negative seeds in your marriage and reap positive results. Sow seeds of love.” (MarriageWorks!)
  • “Laughter, on a daily basis, is like taking vitamins for your marriage —a healthy habit all loving couples enjoy.” Laugh together and ENJOY! (Drs Les and Leslie Parrott)
  • “I’m just telling you the truth: Your marriage reflects your theology and your faith. If you can’t live it at home, you can’t live it.” (Mark Gungor)
  • “Whatever is in the wellspring of your heart comes out thru the bucket of your mouth. Be careful of what you dump into your wellspring.” (Unknown)

More Marriage Quotes to Note:

  • “Everyday do something small. Then watch as it changes the atmosphere of your home and the feel of your marriage relationship.” (Lori Byerly)
  • “Sixty percent of what couples argue about is unresolvable. Are you getting hung up on minor disagreements with your spouse?” (Michele Weiner-Davis)
  • “It is only possible to live happily-ever-after on a day-to-day basis.” (Margaret Bonnano)
  • “Having a willingness to forgive and to seek forgiveness when needed, is one of the most crucial foundation stones in any marriage.” (Gary Smalley)
  • “Make a pact with your mate not to avoid difficult conversations. ‘We’re in this together; we can figure this out,’ can be your motto.” (Dr David Hawkins)
  • “Don’t let the challenges of the road throw you off track. A positive relationship is a destination worth pursuing—together.” (Michael Lace)
  • “Couples for the most part are on guard for the big things, but it’s those little daily interactions that can mount up and cause problems.” (Gary Smalley)
  • “Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Tragedy may come at any time. It’s important to celebrate the love we have and not take it for granted.” (Debi Walter —Expanded quote: “Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Tragedy may come at any time. That’s why it’s important to celebrate the love we have—to appreciate it and not take it for granted.”)
  • Laugh together. “Laughter, on a daily basis, is like taking a vitamin for your marriage. And it’s a healthy habit all loving couples enjoy.” (Les Parrott)
  • “Pray for wisdom and revelation of what heaven is saying about your spouse, your circumstances and your marriage. Agree with that. Out loud.” (Scott, gleaned from the

More Twitter Marriage Quotes:

  • “Make it a habit to kiss good-bye and hello each day. Then turn up the heat; prolong your kiss at least 10 seconds —the longer, the better.” (Carol Hatcher)
  • “People in healthy relationships compliment good character traits in their mate. People in poor relationships tend to skip over them.” (Laurie Puhn)
  • “Don’t joke about sensitive issues, i.e. your spouse’s weight, family, etc. If you’re not sure if he/she will think it’s funny, refrain!” (Drs Les and Leslie Parrott)
  • “A hot-tempered person stirs up conflict, but the one who is patient calms a quarrel.” (Proverbs 15:18)
  • “To be ‘one who walks in wisdom(Proverbs 28:26), you cannot ignore instructions [within the Bible] on how you build a spiritual union.” (Dennis and Barbara Rainey.)
  • “Love means doing those things even if your feelings aren’t in it —and trusting that the feelings will likely follow.” (
  • “Listening is done with more than the ears. Good listening also involves leaning in toward your spouse, acknowledgments and even touch.” (Stu Gray)
  • “A marriage without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs —jolted by every pebble in the road.” (Henry W. Beecher) LAUGH together!
  • Take your spouse out on a date, but “don’t chat about the in-laws, money, nor any other subject that could cause tension. Don’t go there.” (David and Claudia Arp)
  • “An ‘until-death-do-us-part’ decision should not be made by a person who won’t wait long enough to listen to good counsel and/or warnings.” (K. Paige)
  • As Christ-followers, our marriages should be the best on earth! Our continual goal should be to grow them to reflect the heart of Christ. (Cindy Wright)

Yes, There’s More to Consider:

  • “If you want to know where your priorities lie, look at your schedule and your bank account.” Make your marriage relationship a priority! (Unknown)
  • “Consider how what you’ve been saying lately has been influencing the atmosphere in your marriage.” Do your words help or tear it down? (Scott Gray)
  • “If you’ll stop and listen before engaging in an argument, chances are you’ll choose not to have the argument. Little is worth arguing over.” (Dr David Hawkins)
  • “Take a half-hour and talk —not about work, chores or conflicts, but about stuff you’re interested in. Tell stories, ask questions.” (Edward M. and Sue George Hallowell)
  • “Remember that the key to romance is attention. Nothing is as romantic as having someone give you their undivided, sustained attention.” (Edward M. and Sue George Hallowell)
  • Don’t expect your spouse to meet your deepest needs; that’s the Lord’s job. Look to God and trim your expectations of your spouse accordingly. (Cindy Wright)
  • “A huge THANK YOU to all the real dads out there” —involved fathers (as opposed to those who father a child but never do what a dad does). (Paul Byerly)
  • “Your kids can wait while you build a strong marriage. But your marriage won’t wait until your kids grow up. Grab time to date your mate.” (David and Claudia Arp)
  • “Take on problems together as a team. When you approach difficulties from the same direction, you can move together to solve issues easier.” (Stu Gray)
  • “Sex with 1 wife for life ISN’T like playing 1 record over and over; but learning 1 instrument well for years of beautiful music!” (Rick Warren)

Even More Quotes:

  • “Turn your phone(s) off during together times with your spouse. Determine not to live distracted. Let’s do this lest we miss so much.” (Rowan and Mara Fraser)
  • “In a happy marriage, couples need to make at least 5 times as many positive statements to each other, as opposed to negative statements.” (Dr John Gottman)
  • “Pray together before any big decision and most small ones. The ultimate decision is far less important than praying together about it.” (Jill Killiam)
  • “Find something that you can praise your spouse for and see what a difference it makes in your marriage.” “Encourage one another daily…” (Kevin Bullard —Scripture from: Hebrews 3:13)
  • “Make it a rule: No one talks disrespectfully of your spouse. Don’t let your spouse be bad mouthed by your kids, or others. Step up.” (Stu Gray)
  • Recognizing you and your spouse have different perceptions (not wrong, not right, just different) can help you build relationship bridges.
  • “Catch romance where you can. Build romance at unexpected times. Next time you’ve got a couple of minutes to yourselves, make use of it.” (From article, “Don’t Bother Rekindling Your Marriage …Create Something New”) 
  • Romance and date your spouse but, “don’t let your kids be the dominant focus of your conversations. Dates are for you two.” (
  • “A wrong start in marriage does not justify another wrong step. God can take the worst things of life and work them for good if we trust Him.” (Bill Elliff)
  • “LAUGH TOGETHER. It helps wash away stress and keeps spouses together when you’re coming unglued. Find something funny even if it’s not easy.” (Drs Les and Leslie Parrott)

Additional Quotes to Note:

  • “You may win the battle but lose the war. In marriage, it’s win-win or lose-lose. There’s no win-lose. If U both don’t win, U both lose.” (Sheila Wray Gregoire  —Expanded quote: “It’s one of those cases where you may win the battle but lose the war. In marriage, it’s either win-win or lose-lose. There is no win-lose. If you both don’t win, you both lose.”)
  • “Put Your Spouse 1st: When the kids are grown and move out of the home, who’ll be left but your spouse? Nurture that relationship foremost.” (Miriam, from
  • “Holding double standards can hide from us. Too often, we get upset at [our spouse] for something we excuse in ourselves. Check the mirror.” (Paul Byerly)
  • “To do things right in a relationship the 1st time is the best time. It’s far greater than damage control, and playing catch up later.” (Rowan and Mara Fraser)


  • “At your wedding, you stood before God and promised to never forsake each other, ‘for better or for worse.’ Will you honor that commitment?” (Dennis and Barbara Rainey. Expanded quote: “Many of us marry with the illusion that the excitement and magic of new love will never fade away. Then, at some point in the first couple years of marriage, we wake up and realize that reality is a bit different. That’s when we enter the season of disappointed love. …Commitment is an inner resolve to conform to what you know to be true in spite of your feelings. Your covenant of commitment to God and each other is the heart of what remains once reality has edited the illusion of what you thought marriage would be. At your wedding, you stood before God and promised to never forsake each other, ‘for better or for worse.’ Now, staring ‘worse’ in the face, you have a choice. Will you honor that commitment?”)

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