Wedding Bloopers

wedding bloopers morgue file3401279077016You plan and plan (sometimes even going a bit crazy) hoping you can create the “perfect wedding” to begin the rest of your life together. So much time and SO many expenses pile up (financially and emotionally). This is so that you can enjoy the day and the honeymoon together. And then there is the unexpected —things that happen at your wedding and honeymoon that you didn’t plan. They can be called wedding bloopers.

I can attest to that. We had a few of those “oops” moments that happened to us.

Our Wedding Bloopers

For example, I went to grab on my wedding veil to take to the church on our wedding day. I then saw that the veil had been torn somehow. I was horrified wondering how this could have happened since it was hanging “safely” behind my bedroom door. Upon examining it closer, I found out that our cat had chewed on it and shredded parts of it. I couldn’t believe it, and couldn’t figure out what to do about it.

Amidst my tears, my mom remembered a friend of hers who did alterations. Eventually the veil was properly cut so it didn’t even look like there was a chewing and shredding incident beforehand. Although it was a lot shorter, the veil still looked presentable. (But I can tell you that I was a little less trusting and happy with our cat from that day forward.)

I can now laugh at this as one many wedding bloopers that happened despite the fact that we made such careful plans for things to go smoothly. We can plan all we want, but things happen!

Bloopers Throughout Life

I also see that things happen in life. Too often we make a bigger deal out of, than we should. Some things could be viewed as temporary set-backs. Some things can “help to make us stronger” in the context of living in this unpredictable world. And some things can just be seen as laughable. The world doesn’t end the day we encounter problems. So it’s better to laugh than to cry sometimes.

As you carefully plan your wedding, try to remember to breathe. Take “unplanned” and planned things a little more in stride as being less important in the grand scheme of things. You can sometimes drive yourself and others around you a little crazy when you allow wedding plans to grow bigger than life in their importance.

Yes, this is a sacred occasion. But sometimes, you can’t always plan for everything that comes your way. So try to take what comes in stride. Relax as much as you can during the planning stage and during the ceremony. Love, laugh, and exhibit grace along the way.

Videos of Wedding Bloopers

To help you to see this a little clearer (plus smile a bit) we’d like to lead you to a few incidences where others found themselves in situations that were unplanned on the day of their wedding.

Please click to view the following You Tube wedding bloopers. (They’re not the clearest videos, but they’re still worth watching.):

And here’s another series of “oops” moments you might enjoy watching (as long as it doesn’t happen at your wedding):

And then one more glimpse of some things that could go in unexpected ways at weddings:

After watching these videos, you may be a bit scared for what could happen at your own wedding. And that’s understandable; you planned for things to go flawlessly. But keep in mind that you will encounter all kinds of unexpected moments and happenings throughout your marriage. One of the things we’ve found is that you can take these types of events a bit less serious, you will do SO much better in your married life.

Laugh together where and when you can. A good sense of humor, the ability to laugh at yourself, and infusing humor into situations, where levity is needed goes a LONG way in helping you grow closer together.

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this article.

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