What are some date night ideas, which you can pass on to others?

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So, we have a question for you that involves date night ideas. Do you have any that you could share with us and with other married couples? We’d sure love it if you can share any that you might have. So, here goes:

What are some date night ideas which you can pass on to others:



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10 responses to “What are some date night ideas, which you can pass on to others?

  1. (USA) My husband is 64 and I am 57. We have been married for 36 years. We are still on our honeymoon. The secret is making time for each other and having date nights together. A Romantic dinner at home or call and reserve a special corner table at a Romanic restaurant.

    My husband has only brought me flowers and candy maybe 3 times in all the years were married. He is a very loving man but dosent’ think about things like that. Instead, he will plan a picnic at a park where there are so many flowers around.

    Don’t wait for the other to make the first move. Plan a surprise outing or dinner or party just for the two of you. Enjoy each other like you did when you were first married. I hope this helps you to explore the possibilities of firing up your marriage.

  2. (US) Plan a date night in your own home. If you have kids, send them to grandma’s or a friend’s home for an overnight (or weekend) stay. Then act as if you have no cares in the world.

  3. (NIGERIA) We go to the cinema at least once every month and when possible, bi-monthly. This helps keep the romance in place. Been married for 15 years.

  4. (SOUTH AFRICA) With the rand (in our case) being low and having children in the house, me and my wife can’t always go out for romantic dinners etc. our date nights consist of taking a bath together @least twice or more times a week and we just spend time talking about everything and nothing in the bath (have to fill up the hot water from time to time) smile. Or we just go and take a walk around the mall planning what we will buy next for our home (I am using the word HOME on purpose because we believe we should build a Home and not a house for our marriage and for our children). Then of course, a flower from the garden doesn’t cost too much but it has lots of great rewards.

  5. (U.S) My husband and I are 25 and 26 with 3 children. Sometimes it is not easy to find a baby sitter or it’s just more convenient to stay in the house so we put the kids to sleep for bedtime and have a “date” in the house. We order food from our favorite restaurant to be picked up, eat dinner and watch a movie. It’s a nice quiet time for us.

  6. (UNITED STATES) My most memorable/fun date began with a bad choice of a restaurant. I was happy with the menu, but my wife could not find anything on the menu that she wanted. Then I got this great idea! We paid for our coffee, left a nice tip, and went to another restraunt… ordering ONLY an appetizer. Then moved on to the next place for a salad, another place for the main dish, and yet another place for desert. It was an awesome evening.

    A “progressive dinner” with your date! It was a bit more expensive leaving nice tips in all places, not to mention that we went to some extremely high dollar places, and yet we got away with only ordering a salad, etc. Try it, you’ll love it!

  7. My husband and I both love to fish and crab. So we pick one day out of the month at least to go fishing. We usually give the fish away and stop and get Chinese food on the way home so we can sit and eat together. We both love fish but if I catch it, clean it, and cook it, I can’t eat it. It’s a mental thing. But it doesn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves ☺