What romantic idea could you share to inspire spouses who need help?

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Please answer the following question. It can help many other married couples that read this. It concerns any romantic idea you can share. Please answer:


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12 responses to “What romantic idea could you share to inspire spouses who need help?

  1. (USA)  A sensuous message. Especially for the wife to initiate it for her husband. The action would surprise the husband and he will appreciate it.

    1. (KENYA)  For a wife, maybe when ironing his shirts, leave romantic notes in his pocket and he will find them when at work,
      or when packing for him. When he is going on a journey put in a little nice miss you card that he will find when he gets there and make him long to come back home.

      You can use lipstick or anything to leave a message on the bathroom mirror. Or if you have to work a different shift, make his best dish and leave it in the fridge… or on the table. Line the house from door to the table with rose flower petals and a romantic note for him.

      1. (AFRICA)  Why do women have to take all the consequences? In my view as an African, it’s really hard to please a man. You may do all you can to win his love, he does not even notice anything…

        1. (USA)  Marie, When a woman is not happy, trust me, the man is taking “the consequences”. While you say, “it’s really hard to please a man. You may do all you can to win his love, he does not even notice anything…” Men have feelings too. Consider that he is thinking the same thoughts you just stated. Realize that you can only change yourself by allowing God to work on you. God Bless~

        2. (SOUTH AFRICA)  Have you heard of the saying, it does not take two people to save the marriage, it just takes one? What that means is that if your change behaviour your partner could change his ways. The Word of God is very clear about the roles that both partners, in a marriage, need to play. You as a wife, need to respect and submit to your husband. That is not a deeming word or a role, that is the way Papa God has set it. Now, submission does not mean that you are a slave but that the man is the head of the home, and you tend to follow suit.

          What I have discovered in my marriage is that when I do my part my husband does his. I do all that I do as unto the Lord. The Word says that all that you do in word or in deed, do it as unto the Lord. So I went into marriage thinking, I will focus on giving and not receiving. What I got is just so miraculous. I just keep receiving more than what I have put in. Just follow the principles in the Word and you will not fail. Love you so much, be strengthened; you are not alone.

  2. (ZA)  What I like is the “love cheques”. Sometimes your spouse does not know what you are wanting. We have a book full of love cheques on what we would like – a picnic, dancing, candlelit bath etc. and if you feel like doing that particular activity, you issue your love cheque and he has 3 days to respond. It works for us.

  3. (UGANDA)  I love the idea of wiriting and telling him, for example, 10 reasons why I love you. You keep placing them in different places. One for each day. Believe me after the 10 or so days, the atmosphere in the house will be soooooooooo different in a good way of course.

  4. (AFRICA)  Noel, I saw your post. Thanks. I will give you a brief description of what I went through. I was married and later on my husband lost his job. I struggled on my own to take care of the family. He didn’t have a job for 4 years. He managed to find work in a different town and things changed. Now he wants a divorce. I suppose I am bitter. I will pray that God works on me.

  5. (USA)  I think the main scripture we all have to focus on (me being a man), is how can I glorify God (Psalm 115:1) above all else. My love for my wife cannot be based on her response to me, or else it becomes a conditional love, which cannot last because it it based on the flesh. But when I pursue God, being like Him, in my service to my spouse, then it doesn’t matter what she does…I am blessed.

    “Happy are those that are persecuted because of me!” Wow! How can that be? …. By always pursuing God. So I am really wanting more of God in the service to my wife.

    I also find it interesting how women, cook, iron, clean etc… for their husbands? It might be a generational thing, but that is not my world. I’m 38 so maybe I’m missing something.

  6. (SOUTH AFRICA)  Do something that he will know and identify as love, something out of your ordinary but important in his world. For example I do not like soccer but I know that my hubby loves it. What I can do is create an exciting and fun environment around what I know he loves, soccer, because this is all about him and not you.

    And then sit through the whole 90 minutes with him watching it without complaining and murmuring. He will know that it is an act of love, not that you would have done that alone, but that it is all about him. The fact that you left your own comfort zone to please him will score you the highest points ever in his heart.

  7. (USA)  I know that sometimes when I want my husband’s attention and affection I have a tendency to start telling him the things that need done or how I feel about his lack of involvement in ‘our’ relationship. To him this feels like I am picking on him.

    Then one day it dawned on me, “Why not just be up front and ask for his attention?” Oh, my what a novel idea! Here’s the romantic idea now- ladies- asking for your husband’s attention is romantic to him. So, simply put your arms around him (okay, not when he’s in the middle of a project that demands his utmost attention cause most men do not multi-task well), bury your head in his chest, and say, “Ahhhh…. my favorite spot in the world.” See how easy it is to get his attention?

  8. (SOUTH AFRICA)  Hmmmmmmmmm, romance is one of the greatest Gifts GOD has given us. Here is one that really got me thinking: Pray together! But not the ordinary list of requests, pray about your sexuality. Thank God for the pleasure you experience from your wife (or husband) as you say the word clear and as they are, it leaves a tickling sensation and a pride to know God is involved even in your intimacy! Then He will send you & your spouse fireworks. Amen!