What romantic tips can you share on how to show love to a spouse?

Show love spouse romantic tips - sunset-538286_1920We have a question we hope you are able to answer. It involves how you show love to your spouse. This could help others if you would share some tips that you have used. So here goes:

What romantic tips can you share on how to show love to a spouse?



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10 responses to “What romantic tips can you share on how to show love to a spouse?

  1. (UNITED STATES)  Keep a joint journal and write each other little messages of thanks and appreciation. We keep ours on our dresser in the bedroom. When one spouse goes to write a note for the other, he/she can read previous messages written to him/her. A great way to keep a record of all the praise you have for your spouse.

  2. (UNITED STATES)  One of the simplest things you can do to show love. All in the way you great your mate. For example show excitement when they get home from work. Say good morning with a smile on your face!

  3. (CANADA)  Ask your wife: What would be the one job I could take off your hands for a week or a month that would ease your work load the most? Then do that, only don’t stop after the week or month. And if you are a seasonal worker like me, pick it up again in your slow season, and every time you can, when you have time when you are in your busy work season.

    1. (UNITED STATES)  I love this. My husband and I have problems with the issue. I feel as though I do everything, from a full time job, clean house, run kids here and there, pay bills etc. Now don’t think my husband doesn’t work a dull time job too, he does. But yes I would love this from my husband.

  4. (UNITED STATES)  This a way I have shown my love for my husband with a surprise too. I bought 2 gift bags (cheap ones), then a bag of candy “kisses” and a bag of “hugs”.

    In one bag I wrote a shot note saying, “For those days that go so fast with all the normal daily jobs, here is a bag of kisses for you.” In the other bag, “Here is a hug for when we don’t get to snuggle, or when you just need a hug, you know it’s from me.” My husband was so happy and surprised. He still has the bags and the notes.

  5. (USA)  Show you Love me, then you will feel my love. I’m tired of always having a price on love. It is not a transaction.

    1. (USA)  Oh the irony. You say there is no price, but then you place a price on feeling your love. The price to feel your love is to show you love.

      You contradict yourself. You say love is not a transaction, but then you establish the terms of the transaction.

      If you pay, then you will get. The form you present is a transaction. You can say it’s not, but in reality what you’ve described is the form of every transaction. If you pay, then you get.

  6. (USA)  I have some heart shaped sticky notes, and I leave notes to my bride on the bathroom mirror, or in her car, etc.

    I’ve joined her at work with a lunch I bring since she cannot leave work.

    I have all sorts of corny lines that I use. We were working with the youth group at church last weekend and one of them said something about being served by good looking women at Buffalo Wild Wings. I said, that can’t be, my wife doesn’t work there. The kids laughed and so did my bride as she said, “Good one honey!”

  7. (UGANDA)  We pray together and loudly too. On one occasion I had a headache and I asked him to lay his hands on me in the name of Jesus and pray for me. The headache was gone in a few minutes.

    I commented that because I love him. God has honoured his prayer for me. This made him stronger in faith.