Where Did the Fun Go?

Fun - Dollar Photo Happy couple at the restaurantThere are sooooooo many serious issues that can grab at us within our married lives, that all of the laughter and fun can sometimes get choked out. That’s what my husband Steve and I have found to be true as we look around at other couples and as we look at our own life, together.

Sometimes there isn’t much that is funny, but even so, we’ve learned NOT to allow that to be an excuse to be intentional to FIND fun… even in little ways.

We make it a point to laugh together. We realize: “laughter is the closest distance between two people” (Victor Borge). That’s why we look for ways to laugh together.

Fun Leaves When Seriousness Enters

I remember a number of years ago we had a lot of very serious things going on in our lives. There didn’t seem to be much to laugh about.

But one day it occurred to us that we just couldn’t allow life to keep punching at us like that. We needed to put up some type of a fight —a fight to find ways to laugh together. It was important to level things out a bit. We both came to realize that we needed that.

So we made it our mission to look for ways to laugh together. We did and it helped more than I can tell you. It helped us to grow closer to each other, as well.

Through the years, sometimes we watch a funny movie. Or we invite friends over to have a game night and we make the rule that no serious stuff is to be discussed during that time together. Sometimes we read funny comic books together like Far Side, Calvin and Hobbs, Baby Blues, Herman, or something else humorous. We’ve even gone onto Youtube and have watched funny things there, starting with one funny one and going from there. The point isn’t what we did, but the fact that we did it together, with the intention of laughing together. It’s a great mission because laughter is as “good medicine” as the Bible tells us.

Don’t Let Seriousness Take Over

Please don’t allow all of the seriousness of life over-take you to the point where you forget to laugh together. That’s what I want to remind you in this blog, in case you’ve forgotten (as we sometimes have done). And if you’ve already allowed that to happen, start looking for ways to infuse laughter and fun into your life together, starting now. Today can be a new beginning. Be intentional.

It’s true that life and marriage can’t all be about having fun (oh, how I wish it could be), but lets not forget to have any fun at all together. It’s important to be intentional in looking for and making fun moments sometimes.

On this subject, I found a GREAT article written by Susan Yates (at Momlifetoday.com) that I encourage you to read. Susan makes the point on this whole matter even better than I can:


Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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