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Still laughing Pixabay smilies-1610500_1920In the last Marriage Moments blog (You’ve Just Got to Laugh), I posted a humorous marriage joke (at least I thought it was humorous). I want to continue with that theme this time too, because I’m still laughing and hope you will too.

For those of you who just need to laugh a bit, below is something sent to us by someone who is anonymous (because we don’t know who wrote it). I think you’ll enjoy and below that is another You Tube link where Jeanne Robertson is explaining why you “Don’t Get Frisky in a Tent!”


Still Laughing…

“I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart.


One evening last week, my wife and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says ‘I don’t feel like it, I just want you to hold me.’

“I said ‘WHAT??!! What was that?!’

“So she says the words that every man on the planet dreads to hear… ‘You’re just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man.’ She responded to my puzzled look by saying, ‘Can’t you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?’

“Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep.

“The very next day I opted to take the day off of work to spend time with her. We went out to a nice lunch and then went shopping at a big, big unnamed department store. I walked around with her while she tried on several different very expensive outfits. She couldn’t decide which one to take so I told her we’d just buy them all.

The Shopping Trip

“She wanted new shoes to compliment her new clothes. So I said let’s get a pair for each outfit. We went onto the jewelry department where she picked out a pair of diamond earrings. Let me tell you…she was so excited. She must have thought I was one wave short of a shipwreck. I started to think she was testing me because she asked for a tennis bracelet when she doesn’t even know how to play tennis… I think I threw her for a loop when I said, ‘That’s fine, honey.’

“Smiling with excited anticipation she finally said, ‘I think this is all dear, let’s go to the cashier.’

“I could hardly contain myself when I blurted out, ‘No honey, I don’t feel like it.’

“Her face just went completely blank as her jaw dropped with a baffled, “WHAT?’

“I then said ‘honey! I just want you to HOLD this stuff for a while. You’re just not in touch with my financial needs as a man enough for me to satisfy your shopping needs as a woman.’ And just when she had this look like she was going to kill me, I added, ‘Why can’t you just love me for who I am and not for the things I buy you?’

“Apparently I’m not having sex tonight either.

He probably has that right!

Here’s something that you might also funny with Jeanne Robertson titled, “Don’t Get Frisky in a tent!”:

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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  1. (US) That was really funny… and true! Thanks for making me laugh and for linking up with HWC! Christy Joy #happywivesclub