More Funny Videos Combating Seriousness

Funny Videos on Marriage - AdobeStock_326398174Learning through laughter is our favorite way of approaching serious matters. In light of this we are sharing some funny videos on marriage to hopefully, get you to laugh. Lets take a laugh break in the midst of all the tough stuff that’s happening to and around us. It may just be the best medicine we can take.

This is actually part 2 of this series devoted to taking a laugh break. If you didn’t see the first Insight, you can get to it through this link: Funny Videos to Break Up the Seriousness.

Funny Videos Help Combat Seriousness

First, here are two quotes to consider, so you’re better prepared for the funny videos we’ll be sharing. This is the foundation of why we’re going in this direction in this Insight (plus the fact that God nudged us to go in this direction):

• “Spend as much time as possible laughing with your marriage partner. Look for funniness is life and share it with each other, even during difficult times. Shared happiness is the mortar that holds your house together. Mix humor into your marriage as consciously as you mix passion, insight, and judgment. Sometimes the only thing that gets you over a rough spot is a whistle or a smile.” (Toni Sciarra Poynter)

• “Look for the good, the humorous, the positive and make that part of your conversation. Humor and laughter make relationship fun and exciting. If your mate can count on your good humor he/she will look forward to being with you and listening to what you have to say. The marital relationship is difficult, but it does not have to be grim. A sense of humor can disarm some difficult misunderstandings. To be able to smile at your own shortcomings helps to keep them manageable.” (Elva Anson)

With that said, lets begin. We have a lot of funny videos to share with you. Grab your spouse’s hand and spend this time laughing together. You can even use this as an in home date time. Make or purchase a dessert you both will enjoy and watch away!

Funny Videos to Combat Seriousness

In this first video, Pastor T.D. Jakes (a favorite of ours) gives some important (and humorous) insights within this video. It’s directed towards those who are considering marriage. But this same principle can be applied for those who are already married.

Most of us don’t realize we will drag in so much junk! But once it comes to light it is an important mission to clear out that junk so we live together in healthier ways. Enjoy Pastor Jakes slant on this important issue:

Now we realize that this particular video is a set up to listen to his sermon on this issue.

OPTIONAL: IF you would like to view his entire sermon, please go to the following link. (It will start with the opening video you viewed above. But then T.D. will go on from there.)

• JUNK IN THE TRUNK: Before You Do Sermon by T.D. Jakes

This next video is a little weird. But we can guess that most of you would LOVE to give some of this to your spouse. It’s something you could probably use, as well. They address husbands in this video. But many, if not most wives need a good dose of this too. Are you curious? Take a peek:

Additional Funny Videos

Brandon and Stephanie Matias act out this next video. We love this couple. They take what’s real and find a way to weave humor into it. Brandon and Stephanie see it as their “mission” to act out “real life moments” to get married couples to laugh and talk through them. As Brandon says:

“Our pastor is very big on humor. He believes that the quickest line between one person to another during a heart-to-heart is humor. That is because humor breaks down walls. … We feel that by bringing humor into it we can better help and really encourage people and give them a light in heavy and dark situations.”

So here are links to two of their videos that we have posted in the Marriage Videos topic of our web site:


In addition, here’s another marriage video that is performed by Brandon and Stephanie:


Links to More Humorous Videos

The following is another of the funny videos we’re featuring. But this one is performed by The Skit Guys. We think they are a hoot! They can be both funny and serious… but always entertaining and thought provoking. See what you think. This particular video, like the others above, is featured in the “Marriage Videos” on the Marriage Missions web site. This link will take you there:


One of our favorite comedians is Jim Gaffigan. That’s because he is funny AND he is clean. (It’s difficult to find many clean comedians.) We recommend that you look further for some of his comedy skits in the future. (This can be another date night idea.) Jim is always good for a laugh for a break from the seriousness of life. See what you think.

Now this particular video combines a serious subject ALONG WITH the humorous. Most of Jim’s comedy routines just tackle the funny side of life. But we thought this one was a good one for this particular subject.

FYI: We want you to know that he does say one word in this routine that could be considered inappropriate. But the rest is squeaky clean. It’s just a funny marriage video that we hope will break up the seriousness that’s going on around you.

Ready for More Funny Videos?

Additionally, Robert G. Lee talks in this next video about arguments between couples. Now, please don’t take the “rules” he highlights seriously. Just go with the flow and look for the humor in them. We perceive that these rules for arguing happen in a LOT of marriages. They shouldn’t; but they do. See if they make you laugh.

This particular video reminds us of the following remark we heard one comedian make: “If a man stands in a forest and there are no women around to hear what he says, is he still wrong?”

Additionally, the comedian Sinbad gives some of his insights on marriage. And yes, we know he can be iffy, as far as the cleanness of his comedy acts. But he’s clean in this one. AND we believe you will find what he says to be clean, funny—with truth interwoven within it. ENJOY!

Lastly, For This Marriage Insight:

We want to conclude with the following call to action:

“Today, as a gift to yourself and to your beloved, approach life with a smile on your lips and hope in your heart. And laugh every chance you get. After all, God created laughter for a reason…and Father indeed knows best. So laugh often and, more importantly, laugh together!” (From the book, “Love Is Forever”)

Find ways to make today a good day for you and your spouse. We hope you will!

Cindy and Steve Wright


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