Funny Marriage Videos Break Up the Seriousness

Funny Marriage Videos - AdobeStock_302252731Are you feeling a bit down lately? There’s no doubt that it’s easy to get to that place with all that’s happening in today’s world. That’s why we’re giving you some funny marriage videos to view. (This is the first of a 2-part series because we have quite a few to share with you.) We’re hoping they will lift your spirits. We’ve learned that it’s important to apply some “good medicine” of laughter to our day at times. And this appears to be one of those times.

We don’t know about you—but with everything going on, we sometimes find ourselves going down a rabbit hole of depressing thoughts. And it can look like there’s no way out. But there is. When we’re smart, we find ways to change up our focus. God taught us to do this so we can better survive the tough stuff. It’s just not healthy to continually focus on the negative.

Simply said, there are times when it’s important to leave the seriousness behind. When it is possible, we need to find humorous, or “lighter” things on which to focus. We can go back to serious life issues later. However, after we take a prayer break and a humor break we’re better able to handle them with a more refreshed outlook. Laughter is a “seasonal” thing that we need to intentionally lace in between the serious stuff that hits us.

Funny Marriage Videos

First, to give you some groundwork, here are a couple of thoughts on this:

“The almighty Creator of heaven and earth gave us laughter as a season. In climates, there are only two seasons. There’s a rainy season and a dry season. What season is your marriage in right now? Is it none of those dry seasons where everything is a fight? If I can be blunt, some of you are currently in a ‘too serious’ season.’ Laughing to you seems childish and immature. Lighten up. Your spouse will thank you, and you will live longer.” (Ted Cunningham, from the book, Fun Loving You)

Also realize:

“Laughter is the glue that holds love together when it could fall into a thousand pieces. It preserves relationships in tough moments. Humor puts tyrants in perspective and keeps the oppressed sane. Battlefield surgeons find that laughter makes the horror of their task bearable. We have our private ‘couple’ jokes. They’re ours alone, reminders of past moments shared, secrets kept. Sometimes they bubble up in the strangest moments and give a lift to life again.” (Margaret & Erling Wold)

As Henry Ward Beecher Ward said, “Humor makes all things tolerable.” And for us (and probably for you) this is true!

So, with that said, below are a number of links to different funny marriage videos. We hope they make you laugh and escape the serious side of life for a while. You can even use them as a date night activity. Put the kids to bed first. Make up a fun dessert together. And then just sit down together in front of your computer for a fun, in-home date opportunity to laugh together.

First of Several Funny Marriage Videos

FYI: We apologize if any advertisements come up before any of the linked funny marriage videos below. Sometimes they appear, and other times they don’t. We can’t control them. If You Tube causes them to come up, just skip past them. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. But we’re hoping the videos will make up for any inconvenience. 

With that said, below is the first of several funny marriage videos we found. Actually, it’s a past TV advertisement that ran a while ago. But it’s one that caused us to laugh a lot. It’s posted on our web site in the Marriage Videos topic. Just click in and view:


We can’t help but point out the following important statement about that last video. We’ve learned this “lesson” throughout the years after giving some stupid gifts to the other. If they won’t enjoy it, or if we have our own agenda attached to it—it’s not really a gift.

“Real giving is when we give to our spouses what’s important to them, whether we understand it, like it, or not.” (Michele Weiner-Davis)

Next, the following is one of our favorite funny marriage videos. It’s performed by Jeannie Robertson. (Just so you know, she has a slew of funny videos posted on You Tube. You may want to look for them, as well. And if you do, prepare to laugh.) So, here’s some marriage communication advice that Jeannie gives:

And here’s another one we think you will enjoy from Jeannie Robertson. There’s no profound marriage lesson here. It just goes to show that sometimes we get into weird situations in our lives together. Enjoy!

More Funny Marriage Videos?

Our next featured link takes you to a video where Jeff Allen talks about:

Can you relate? Have you had some of those silly arguments? We sure have! As a matter of fact, as we look back, most of our arguments were about stupid things. However, the important thing is that we worked through the stupid stuff. We also worked through the tough stuff. And yet we still have tough stuff in front of us, no doubt! But we are double down committed to work through whatever separates us from being a great marriage team. We’re committed to have the type of marriage team that makes God smile.

Sticking With Each Other

In our marriage we’ve learned the same thing that Lisa Jacobson said:

“Marriage is not for the faint of heart. Get some grit and determine you’re going to stick with this for better or worse ‘until death do you part.’ This isn’t a feel-good vow you’ve made, but a lifelong commitment to love each other. Nobody said it would be easy.”

Marriage might not be easy; but it can be good—very good! We can attest to that! However, it will take work and “grit” to get there.

Now, if you want a good marriage, here’s some humorous advice from comedian Ken Davis:

In closing, we’re ending this Marriage Insight with two final quotes. (We’ll have more funny marriage videos for you in the next Insight.) But whatever you do, look for ways to infuse fun into your relationship.

“When you’re married, fun is not a luxury. It’s a requirement. Without romance, without adventure, without physical intimacy—without fun—marriage is reduced to a simple business arrangement. You’re like partners in a company. You’re two roommates who split expenses like rent and food, yet living entirely different lives.” (Craig & Amy Groeschel)

Whatever you do, be intentional to:

“Laugh in the midst of the grind. And remember not to take yourself too seriously. Proverbs 17:22 says, ‘A cheerful heart is good medicine.’ Your marriage needs several good doses of this medicine. Don’t keep it hidden away and stored in the medicine cabinet. Thank you Lord, for the gift of laughter. Now go! Enjoy life with your spouse!” (Ted Cunningham)

May you find lots to smile together about this week!

Cindy and Steve Wright


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