Children of Divorce: Stories of Exile

Children of Divorce (Adobe stock) Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.18.51 PMThere are many reasons why couples separate and divorce. Sometimes one of the partners doesn’t have a say in the matter. That is because of the “No Fault” Divorce laws that have been enacted in many parts of the world. The separation and then divorce is forced upon them even though they don’t want it to happen. It is also forced upon the children of divorce.

If you are caught up in one of those circumstances, please know that our hearts cry for you. It’s tragic that there are circumstances where one spouse has the leverage to negatively change the fate of the marriage. But it also changes the fate of the children and whole family structure —splitting it apart by divorce.

Children of Divorce

And what’s also sad is that children are usually the last ones to have a say in this restructuring. This is forced on them even though it greatly affects their future.

And some of you are caught up in violent and abusive marriage relationships where your very safety, and/or the safety of your children is involved. Others of you are in a marriage where there has been unfaithfulness involved. Again, our hearts go out to you in sorrow. We understand that there are toxic situations where you feel you have no choice but to leave the marriage for those reasons.

If any of those are the case, this article is not for you. It is pointed towards those who are in “low conflict” marriages. These spouses have children, and are considering divorce because of “growing apart” or are” bored” and want more out of marriage than now. Or the spouse just doesn’t want to be married anymore, for any number of other reasons that don’t involve violence, or infidelity, or a spouse who is making the decision to divorce without the other’s say in the matter.

If this is you, we would like you to read an article written by Elizabeth Marquardt. Elizabeth has done extensive studies on the subject of divorce. She has also studied how it effects children. We hope it brings a different insight into your decision-making concerning your divorce decisions.

To read this article, please click onto the web site link below:

 CHILDREN OF DIVORCE: Stories of Exile

We pray this ministers to your heart and situation in some way.

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