Soul Ties

Soul ties Pixabay hands-437968_1920A while ago, we sent out a Marriage Message on the subject of Soul Mates. But this time I want to elaborate more on this issue concerning soul ties.

I want to say right here that my husband Steve and I (and other marriage educators) believe that the closeness of our “souls” as “mates for life” does happen. But it is more because of what we intentionally do to grow our partnership, rather than being born as partners who need to find one another. If you haven’t read that message on “Soul Mates” I encourage you to do so to learn more.

But the reason I’m writing this particular blog is because of a comment we received afterward. This person asked us to address the subject of soul ties and how to break them. I agreed.

Soul Ties

I have to say that I’m no expert in this but I do agree with something I heard Paula White say on this issue. She said:

“Some of us are dealing with things in our present, caused from things that attached itself to us from our past.”

I agree. I know many other people don’t agree with soul ties. But all I can tell you is what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced in my own life.

I’ve seen women (and men) who had been sexually abused at some point in their lives who can’t experience emotional freedom because of the imprint this made upon them. I’ve also seen this happen to those who have had sex outside of marriage. They appear to be “tied” in some way to the person they gave themselves.

It seems to be most often a “tie” that happens because of a past sexual experience (whether voluntary or forced). It appears to make an imprint upon their soul, where it connects them to this other person —often for life. That is especially true if it was a negative experience.

But I’ve also seen that this “soul tie” can be broken if it is properly dealt with at some point. A counselor can be helpful (and many times is needed). And of course, prayer —working this through with the Lord is vital. This is what happened with me and what I’ve seen happen with others who have eventually found freedom.

Researching Soul Ties

In my research, I found a few articles that I believe explains some important points on this issue. I believe they can give you additional, needed insights. They are written by two different authors that give a little different perspective, and yet agree in many ways. I encourage you to read:

SOUL TIES: How to Break Them and Live in Freedom

•  SOUL TIES: Signs, Symptoms, and How to Break Them

I also came across a You Tube video where Paula White goes through prayers and a thorough step-by-step explanation of what a soul tie is, why they should, and how they can be broken in order for people to experience freedom in their lives and in their marriages.

If you are experiencing something in your marriage that is personally holding you back emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually, please watch the following video. May the Lord minister to you and help you in the ways you need it as you do:

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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2 responses to “Soul Ties

  1. My partner paid Lobola and its been 5 years now. We have not blessed the relationship. We have not taken/sealed the covenant. The matter has crippled me spiritually. Please pray with me. I need GOD to talk through my partner and show him the need to sign and bless our marriage.

  2. I have heard soul ties affect women more. Is this true? Our Bible study leader was talking about it, and he said, because of a women’s emotional make up, she might be affected more than a man. I’m not sure, because to this day, my brother is still affected by his first experience, and he still thinks about this woman. He’s married now, and loves his wife, not the woman from years ago, but there is a feeling of incompleteness, he told me.

    I had a sexual experiences, also before marriage, and asked for forgiveness, so did my brother, but he’s still more affected. I was wondering what other Christians think about this.

    I’ve heard from other churches, that soul ties, do in fact effect women more, because she will become dependent on the man, after sex. She will bond to him, while he might not bond to her and easily discard her, because she gave herself too soon. The emotional fragility of the female, in general, will cause depression, remorse and a feeling of being taken advantage of. I never felt taken advantage of, but other women I know, have told me, they felt used and confused. These are the theories of those who were at Bible studies and not mine.

    My best friend, felt used when she was in college. She fell in love, with a man, who had serial relationships, each term. He would have a girlfriend for a term, then leave her for someone else, in the new college term. Everyday she saw him with the new woman, she felt depressed, it affected her homework and test taking. I need an expert view on this. Thank you. In Christ, Elizabeth