Still Learning New Stuff

Still learning Dollar Photo Time To Learn ConceptWho says you can be married over 45 years and not learn something new about your spouse? (I don’t know who said it, but someone must have.) Yes, it’s possible to be married that long and be still learning new info about each other.

Just recently I learned something new about my husband Steve. He has always wanted to do a comedic bit, at a gathering. Yes, I knew he was (is) funny. It’s one of the many things I enjoy about him. And I know others think he’s funny too. That’s not hard to miss when we’re with them.

Still Learning

But I didn’t know he wanted to try to come up with a comedy bit, on his own, to try before a crowd to make them laugh. I missed that particular longing of his. It’s probably because it would scare me to pieces to think of being put on the spot like that to intentionally be funny. So I couldn’t imagine him wanting to do so. But I was wrong.

Yes, I’ve seen him make crowds laugh when we speak somewhere together. And I’ve also seen it when he is on stage to introduce certain Christian entertainers. He has a way of relaxing people through laughter. I love to watch him make others enjoy themselves. It’s a gift that is so fun to laugh along with and enjoy. But him wanting to do a comedic bit, on a longer time frame? I missed that one.

Recently he was asked at work if he would perform a comedy bit for the staff Christmas party. (My husband works full time for a Christian radio ministry. It helps pay bills for Marriage Missions and support us.) He said yes, came home told me, and I was shocked. Again… I didn’t know this was something he wanted to “try” (which is what he told me). OK… So, tomorrow (Friday) he is going to “try” to be funny for his co-workers… in a prepared way.

His Dream Come True?

So, we’ll see if this is a dream come true, or a nightmare he will live out in front of his co-workers. Knowing Steve, I believe it will be fun for him and fun for his co-workers. I’ve seen God work through him in wonderful ways. And bringing the “medicine” of laughter is one I believe God will help him give to those in the crowd. (I’ll be in the back, cheering him on and praying for him.)

I’m reminded of something I read in a Couple Things Blog, titled, “Holding Hopes.” It’s something that applies to your marriage, as well as ours.

Holding Hopes:

“A successful marriage involves the joining of hopes of two individuals. A large portion of your hope is built around the ‘what’ the other person does and becomes. And chances are you will need each other’s help and support to accomplish your goals. As a couple, your hope in life overlaps intricately.

“Do you know what the hopes are in the heart of your mate? Ask, probe, listen, observe. Begin with a decision to observe and join your partner in the journey of their hopes. Is it time to rediscover your spouse’s hopes? Life causes some hopes to shift and change over time. But others will continue to surface, and will solicit more attention.

“After discovering their hopes, decide to join your spouse in their pursuit. Do you remember the time when you said ‘…to have and to hold …’til death do us part’? At the beginning of your marriage you committed to hold each other’s hopes and dreams. You are your spouse’s greatest asset when it comes to fulfilling their hopes for life. You are the one who can most effectively assuage their fears, most excitedly cheerlead their efforts and most exuberantly celebrate their successes.”

Being Spouse’s Prayer Partner

Early the other morning, the Lord reminded me that I hadn’t prayed for this concern for my husband. Oops! That’s not good. I am my husband’s prayer partner. I am the one who can pray for him like no other. That is because I know him so intimately. So I did, and I will continue to do so —to pray for my husband. And I will continue to love him like no other human being can. I do. And I will… so help me God.

What about you, with your spouse? Are you intimately acquainted with your spouse’s hopes and dreams? Do you cheer him or her on, showing your love and support, as no other human being can? If you haven’t… today can be a new beginning. And if you don’t have the “heart to” … ask God to give you His heart. As Him to give you His love for this partner you have vowed to “have and to hold… ‘til death do you part.”

If you need help in this, please go to the Prayer topic on the Marriage Missions web site. We have articles and prayer guidelines to help you there.


My husband Steve had his opportunity to do his comedy bit and received a standing ovation. YAY!!! It was a great experience for all. God is good.


Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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2 responses to “Still Learning New Stuff

  1. (USA)  Oh I’m so excited for Steve. To have a dream come true like this – I’m sure he’ll have the crowd in stitches! Can’t wait for the good report! Please let us know how it goes!! I’m praying for you both tonight!

    1. Hi Debi, As you can read from the post script, which I added above, Steve did great. I wish I could have seen him perform, but next time, hopefully I will. I’m sure it won’t be the last time. He had GREAT comments afterward. I’m so proud of him.

      And I’m thankful that my brother is doing ok, so far. Having lost one younger brother several years ago, this sure is upsetting to have another younger brother (by 6 years) be in a life-death situation. I sure am thankful though, for a praying spouse. Love to you and Tom!