The Addictive Power of an Affair

Addictive power Dollar Photo - Woman Jealous Of Loving CoupleAn affair is a very powerful addiction. The craving to be with the lover can be so intense that objective reality doesn’t have much of a chance. The fact that a spouse and children may be permanently injured by this cruel indulgence doesn’t seem to matter. All that matters is spending more time with the lover. That makes it an addiction. There is a deep addictive power involved when you are having an affair.

Even the one-night stand may be an addiction.

It may not be an addiction to a particular lover, but it may still be an addiction —to one-night stands. In affairs that have low emotional attachment, the addiction is often to the act of having sex itself, rather than to a particular lover.

The Addictive Power

The addiction to one-night stands can also grow from a need to be continually assured of one’s attractiveness. People who indulge in such practices want to feel that they can have anyone they want, even that person over there sitting at the bar. These people who need constant reassurance of their attractiveness must learn some other way to gain that assurance. It must be a way that does not destroy their marriage.

The analogy between chemical addiction and an affair is striking. In both cases, the first step toward recovery is admitting that the addiction is self-destructive and harmful. It is especially harmful to those whom the addict cares for the most —his or her family. After recognizing the need to overcome the addiction, the next step is to suffer through the symptoms of withdrawal. Addicts are often admitted to a hospital or treatment program during the first few weeks of withdrawal to ensure total separation from the addicting substance.

The way to overcome an addiction is tried and proven. It is to abstain from the object of addiction. Alcoholics, for example, must completely avoid contact with any alcoholic beverage to gain control over their addictive behavior. They must avoid places where alcohol is likely to be found, such as bars and parties. They must even avoid friends who drink occasionally in their presence. Plus, they must surround themselves with an alcohol-free environment. In the same way, when a wayward spouse separates from the lover, extraordinary precautions must be taken to avoid all contact with the lover —for life.

Here is a Checklist for How to End an Affair the Right Way: Total Separation from the Lover

• A wayward spouse should reveal information about the affair to the betrayed spouse.

• The wayward spouse should make a commitment to the betrayed spouse to never see or talk to the lover again.

• Wayward spouses should write a letter to the lover ending the relationship. They should send it with the approval of the betrayed spouse.

• Also, a wayward spouse should take extraordinary precautions to guarantee total separation from the lover.

They Include:

• The wayward spouse should change jobs and relocate if necessary.

• Blocking potential communication with the lover is important. (Change e-mail address and telephone, cell phone, and pager numbers. Also have voice messages and mail monitored by the betrayed spouse.)

• A wayward spouse needs to account for time. (The betrayed spouse and wayward spouse give each other a twenty-four hour daily schedule with locations and telephone numbers.)

• Accounting for money is essential. (A betrayed spouse and wayward spouse give each other a complete account of all money spent. And they are to make all financial decisions jointly.)

• Lastly, it’s especially relevant that they spend leisure time together with their spouse.

 Dr Willard F. Harley is the author of the above information. It comes from the excellent book, Surviving an Affair, published by Revell. In this book you will learn: – Why affairs begin and end – How to end an affair – how to restore the marriage after an affair – How to manage resentment and rebuild trust, plus a lot of additional helpful tips and advice.

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4 responses to “The Addictive Power of an Affair

  1. Please pray for Nick and Amanda.
    Nick has been having an affair for over a year. He says he wants to clear his head and make sure he is doing the right thing before they move forward to repair their marriage of 7 years. ( together for 17) They have two children that want their father home with them. Nick is living with the other woman but doesn’t want her to know he is talking to his wife about reconciliation. I pray that God softens his heart and helps him to work these things out. Amen!

  2. My birth name was Grace but I’ve reverted to Islam when I married my husband. My name is Gaironiesa, my husband’s name is Sulayman. We’ve been married for 3 months now but we’ve been together for almost 5 years. His parents have never accepted our marriage; they hate me and they said they going to break us apart. They’re using witchcraft to break us apart and they are succeeding. My husband has moved out of our house and has moved in with his mother. He’s like a robot that does everything they tell him to do. He told me over the phone that he misses me and wants to come home but something keeps him from coming.

    He wants a meeting with my family because he wants a divorce, its his parents evil doings. Please help me to pray for God to break these peoples evil plots and plans, to break all their evilness and evil chains they have over my husband. My life is falling apart; please help us. My husband looks like a walking corpse. He’s under their evil spell. Please pray to break the evil chains that’s keeping my husband hostage in his mothers house. God, I pray that you open my husbands eyes so that he can see what these evil people are doing. Lord, I pray that you release my husband and send my husband home to me. Amen. My mother in-law is a cold hearted evil person; she even encouraged him to have an affair also now. Please Lord, I need you now more than ever, let your will be done in Jesus name Amen

  3. Its nearly 2 years since I discovered my husband was having an Emotional Affair with a woman he worked with. I made a few mistakes in how I dealt with his affair. I suspected something was going on between them and tried to talk to my husband about it, but he wouldn’t discuss it with me. She would ring him and talk for 2 hours on his days off. This annoyed me and I voiced my concern to be told I was insecure and Jealous. So they continued! Then the txting started. I was sick of it so I rang her.

    She denied it as well but I later found out that they got together and discussed it and then things went undercover. Deleting phone records and text messages etc. Thats when things really got serious.

    Only advice I have, and this is what woke my husband up. When you confront him and he tells you he is in love with her. Tell him to go and be with her. But tell him if he does go, You don’t want him back! He knows, whether he wants to believe it or not, that it’s an infatuation and it won’t last.

  4. I think my husband is having an emotional relationship. I can’t prove it, only in something’s he does. But before I let go I want to prove it. He said he’s not cheating physically but emotionally. I don’t believe him. What should I do?