Things Not to Say to Your Wife

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5 responses to “Things Not to Say to Your Wife

  1. (INDONESIA)  O dear, what can you say to that! We laugh but many of us cry, hurt by unconsidered, unloving and hurtful things a husband can say or do… Guys, tell your wife you love her (and no ‘but…’) and if necessary ask for forgiveness. Thanks! We love you too!

  2. (USA)  My husband and I found this site almost 8 months ago, when our marriage was at its lowest. The damage that had been caused from the more than 20 years of his roaming eyes, had taken its toll. We both had almost given up on each other. We had fought about his careless acts for years, and he never realized he was doing it. It was always offensive to me and even after years of explaining it to him, he didn’t see the harm.

    It was only after finding your site and reading together that God convicted him of the harm that it was doing to both of us. After all, it is “Every Man’s Battle” isn’t it? His eyes were truly opened and he repented of all of the years of harm he brought into our lives together. Our daily readings from your wealth of knowledge and personal experience seemed to turned our marriage around and had it headed back in the right direction. Your story was just like our own… you reached us on a personal level and we could trust your opinion. While it has been a slow process, we are applying your biblical suggestions and seeing improvements. Thank you.

    We had searched for other sites before that would help us, but as always, they were of the “world” and didn’t promote a Godly view point. If anything, they did more harm than good. After finding Marriage Missions, we felt “safe” to visit this site because it didn’t have offensive images or videos, only Godly inspired words to guide us.

    Recently, as we sat down to view the site and do our regular nightly readings together and share from this site, we noticed the change… including the new video links from YouTube. After clicking on one of the two advertised links “What Not To Say To Your Wife”, and then falsely assuming that it would also be “safe” to view… there it was. By “safe” I mean that it wouldn’t be something that would cause either of us to be offended or “tempted” by the sexually explicit or suggestive images that this site encourages couples to avoid. Regardless, there is was. The next video up for cue to play was one called “Funny Pictures” which plainly displays the breast of a woman wearing a very clingy t-shirt with the words across printed across her breast “I wish these were brains.”

    In the past six months I have invited several of my friends to come to this site for help and Godly advice. I even encouraged my 19 year old son to come here to help him prepare for the Godly marriage he wants. He wants to avoid the many years of fighting over this very subject that he had seen us do for so long. I am saddened to say that after having that offensive image pop up on the screen, I have regretted mentioning this site to anyone that might have got the wrong impression from the careless, worldly images of what someone considers to be “funny.” That video, nor the image announcing it, does anything positive for your site.

    Please, for the sake of all of the marriages that struggle with this issue of “Every Man’s Battle,” remove that link and pay closer attention to what you will allow displayed on your site if you are going display images. By proudly announcing your “new look” and videos, you are endorsing that type of behavior and sending a conflicting message. That’s not a “Marriage Message” I want to see on here. Don’t stand behind that! Stay true to what you profess to believe…”practice what you preach!” Too many marriages have been helped by this site, don’t tear down what you have built up. So disappointing. :(

    1. (USA) We’re very sorry about what appeared afterward. We weren’t aware of it. But after seeing your comment, we went on a search and found the same video without the same objectionable stuff showing up after the video was done playing. We know that Tim would NOT have been pleased with what originally showed up afterward (he’s a Christian), and we weren’t please either. I’m sorry that we missed seeing what you did. We would never want to cause anyone to stumble.

      Now that we’ve found another video and swapped it out, I hope it will achieve what we hoped it would do — to bring a little laughter into the lives of those who view it. As the Bible says, “Laughter is good medicine,” for all of us. I hope you’re laughing once again.

  3. (UNITED STATES)  Thank God for web sites like yours. It has really improved my marriage as well as helped me to consider and understand my wife and my marriage. I thank you very much and may God bless you!

  4. (USA) Just came across your web site, read a couple of stories and found it interesting. My wife and I met on an online dating site, and have been in communication by email and phone calls. Then we later decided to get married three months later, without getting to really know each other very well. I come from a different culture (Africa) where marriage values are are kind of different.

    SO we have been married 6 months today, and are still living apart from each other because I go to school. But every time we meet, there is always a major issue that will upset both of us. Sometimes they are my comments, other times it’s her quick temper that gets me mad and her raising her voice to me when she is mad. I am not perfect myself and do have my own faults, but I just began thinking that maybe I made the wrong choice, by not getting to know her well and she like wise. I will appreciate a God approach to our case. Thanks.