Valentines Day and Beyond

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! I hope it’s a fun day for you and your marriage partner. I also hope you’re able to find ways to show your spouse extra love —beyond what most couples do on this day.

For Steve and me, it’s a quieter day. That is because he has to work into the late evening. But we had a special breakfast together. And just like every day, he is close to me in my heart. I know I am close to him in his. When he gets home tonight, we’ll have some special snuggling time. For us this is something simple, yet meaningful to us.

Beyond Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow we will have more of an opportunity to enjoy “couple time” together, even though Steve has to work into the late evening again. We’ll be together and will steal little opportunities to make our time a bit more special than “normal”. We’ve learned to be creative with whatever situation we’re in and whatever time God has given to us. I agree with what Marriage Life Ministries posted on their blog:

“Consider Valentine’s a reminder —a catalyst for the rest of the year. An opportunity to, yes, specifically concentrate on your love and relationships for the day, but then… when the clock strikes 12 don’t go back to same old same old.”

Near the end of the blog titled, MT Project: Everyday is Valentines Day, they write:

“Maybe if we were treating every day like February 14th we wouldn’t put so much pressure on that one day. Because, every day is a chance to make your spouse feel loved and special. Every day has the potential to be Valentines.”

Yep! I couldn’t agree more. But if you’re one who wants to still do something special and unique to this holiday Lori Byerly, from The Generous Wife ministry writes something just for you,

“If Valentine’s Day snuck up on you or you didn’t have time to do anything special, you can still make the day special for your husband.”

Additional Suggestions

And then she gives you several suggestions in her blog, Last Minute Valentine’s Day. These are things a wife can do for her husband or a husband can adapt to do for his wife. You might sneak a peek and see if you want to use any of these ideas. It might help you to be in better shape than these Skit Guys:

Just like the title of this blog implies, “Valentines Day and Beyond” I want to challenge you, along with Debi Walter, from The Romantic Vineyard, to put intentionality into showing each other extra doses of love. After all, we’re told in the Bible in Ephesians 5:1 to “live a life of love, just as Christ loved us…” The following suggestion from Debi Walter will help you to do just that:

“We want to give you the heads up about our “Get Your Romance On” (GYRO) Date Night Challenge for Valentine’s Day. The idea is to give your spouse the gift of 14 dates beginning the week after Valentine’s Day and ending the week of May 23rd.”

Debi then gives you guidelines, which you can read in her blog:

• 14 Ways to Bless Your Spouse This Valentine’s Day

I hope you’ll take that challenge. My husband Steve and I are going to do so. We hope you’ll join us. We know God will bless your marriage all the more for it.

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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