20 RED HOT Romance Ideas

Dating Ideas Pixabay bicycles-1906412_1920The following are 20 red hot romance ideas to help you “heat” things up again, and again, and hopefully, again!

1. Re-create your first date. If you can still fit into them, wear the same clothes. If not, at least go to the same places.

2. Go back to the location you honeymooned and have a second honeymoon.

3. Write your own love poem. Even a simple “Roses are red…” rendition will make him or her smile.

4. Rewrite a love song that is popular and personalize the lyrics to your relationship. (A parody that makes your spouse laugh is a unique twist to this idea.) You can also reword the tune to send a more serious invitation or message.

5. Take a calendar and write in important dates (anniversaries, birthdays, possible date ideas). Or write in something you love about your spouse each Monday, someplace you want to meet him or her each Tuesday, etc. Write in unique anniversaries: the anniversary of the day of your first date, the first “I love you,” the first kiss, the day you met, etc. Give the calendar to your spouse not as a list of expectations, but as a list of invitations. Let him or her respond to each invitation.

Additional Ideas:

6. Make a romantic Rolodex. Give him or her the info to succeed with you romantically. Make Rolodex cards for florists, clothing stores, restaurants, hobby stores, Internet sites you have bookmarked, etc.

7. Create a series of thank-you notes. Send one a day for as many days as you can think of something to thank your mate for. Some things to be thankful for are: his or her character, things he or she has done for you, his or her commitment to you. One line on a card day after day will make a big impact.

8. Make his or her favorite meal. Add a white linen tablecloth, candlelight, flowers, and music. You might even wear a provocative waiter or waitress outfit. Then ask for your tip with a wink and a smile.

9. Have an old-fashioned evening. Send a formal invitation. Then come to the door with flowers and chocolates. Open doors for her, and perhaps find a malt shop or some other nostalgic place to go on the date. Find a Lover’s Lane where you can park, “look at the moon.” Then make sure you steam up the car windows a bit. Give her a kiss under the light at the door at the end of the evening.

10. Kidnap your spouse from work or some other responsibility —like in the middle of mowing the lawn, Blindfold him or her, and then take him or her to a romantic rendezvous. (You might clear this with the boss or show up at the end of the workday. You don’t want to get your spouse fired. That would definitely ruin the mood.)

Here are Some More Ideas:

11. Serve breakfast in bed with an invitation to spend the whole day there. Spend the day trying new things. These could be things like napping in each other’s arms, or playing a board game like “An Enchanted Evening” or “Simply Romantic” from Family Life Ministries.

12. Wash each other’s hair. (Or you can wash each other’s bodies.)

13. Have dinner someplace different in your home. These can include in front of the fireplace, or on the rooftop. It could be on the patio or balcony out back. Perhaps it would be in the attic, or under the tree in the backyard.

14. Do something on a date that you rarely do. Go to the zoo. Or go to the park and feed the ducks. Go to the thrift shop and buy something outrageous. Skinny-dip in your backyard pool when the children aren’t home.

15. Camp in the living room. (You will have to farm the kids out for an overnighter at a friend’s.)

Additional Ideas for Those Romantic Times:

16. Rent an old-fashioned romantic movie and pick up the story line someplace in the middle. In the forties, sex was not allowed on the big screen (even if the characters were married). At the moment in the film when you think they might have succumbed to their passions, turn off the movie, and go finish the story line in your room.

17. Read jokes to each other. Couples that play together, stay together. [Marriage Missions Note: There’s a web site at Cybersalt.org that has all kinds of fun things to read and view. They have Daily Cartoons, Daily Clean Laughs, Fun Links, Joke Archives, Pastor Tim’s Clean Laugh’s, etc.]

18. On every January 1, renew your wedding vows privately at the foot of your bed. Or you can pick a new place to renew every year and make it a romantic getaway to look forward to after the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

19. Do a “Count our many blessings” evening. Each of you take turns recounting the best days you can remember. These are things you are thankful for in your mate or family, and what you are grateful to God about. This is a nice pillow talk activity. It often can take a rough day and turn it into one that makes you more in the mood for intimacy.

20. Love long distance: We both travel quite a bit, and we minister often to military couples that are separated for months at a time.

Here are a few ways to stay in love over the miles:

1. Read the same marriage book and e-mail or talk by phone about what you are learning.

2. Sleep in his shirt.

3.  Send him a little piece of something lacy you usually wear. (Cutting a corner off the hem and sliding it into a love note will do.)

4. Tuck love notes in his or her suitcase.

5. Wrap small gifts and number them so that they can open one per day on their trip, or hide them in his or her work items (files, briefcase, or cell phone case).

6. Get a picture frame that has a message recorder and record a love message for him or her.

7. Put favorite pictures on a slide show on their laptop.

7. Send cards to the hotels they’re planning to stay at (or other small gifts).

9. Leave voice mails when you know they can’t be reached (while on a plane or in a meeting).

10. Send comfort from home: their favorite slippers, treats from the local candy store, and pictures of the children.

You Can Also:

11. Create a pocket pinup calendar. Add snapshots into the pages of a small pocket-sized organizer. (Don’t put in any pictures you wouldn’t mind having someone else get a hold of just in case it gets lost.)

12. Write one long continuous love letter and send it back and forth. Just change the color of pen (or over e-mail change font color with every new addition). Then, when you get lonely, all that great loving is in one place for you to read!

Lastly, Here’s another of Many Ideas:

• Tape phone calls so if the time zone (or the war zone) keeps calls far apart, you can at least replay the ones you have to hear his or her voice.

These ideas come from the fun book, Red-Hot Monogamy: Making Your Marriage Sizzle. This book is written by Bill and Pam Farrel, and is published by Harvest House Publishers. It actually has 200 Red Hot Romance Ideas listed. Some of them are “hotter” than others. Whether you and your spouse are newlyweds, or somewhere in between—this book offers hundreds of ideas to fan the flame of love. It also gives an understanding of your spouse that will inspire romance to fuel every aspect of your lives.


Here’s a link to an article that gives ideas to the ordinary and put a romantic spin on it. Debi Walter, of The Romantic Vineyard, came up with these. Take regular board games and change them into romantic play times.


And we dare not forget to help you even more with these ideas. If you and your spouse don’t have children around that can barge in on your romantic times, then you are set to begin the games! But if you have children around, here are a few ideas for you to use:


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7 responses to “20 RED HOT Romance Ideas

  1. (PAKISTAN)  You can have fun with your husband by decorating your room with flowers, candles and special gifts to make him kidnap in your love.

  2. (PHILIPPINES)  I believe that to have a wife, regardless, is a blessing from God given to us, so we can express in our own way, the Great LOVE of God as we understand it. The question is how deep is that understanding. Actually, just to have the basic biblical understanding of HIS love to us, translated in our relationship with our wives is intimacy defined! My wife is a divine privilege given to me to express my reverence and service to HIM! Glory to God!

  3. (MALAWI)  “Who has found a wife finds a good thing” I am a young man aged 26 and engaged. I really value my fiance as a thing from God. Through these articles indeed it is strengthening my relationship.

  4. (ZIMBABWE)  I’m loving the articles here. I would really love to make my marriage work and spice it up every now and again. How I wish my husband could value me like what I’ve just read here! Please may you all from wherever you are help me pray for my husband and marriage.

  5. (USA)  Keeping any clutter out of your bedroom adds to romance! Always put things away… at least before going to bed every night! The marriage bed is undefield, and the marriage chamber (our bedrooms) should be special and well kept! This can be a challenge when both husband and wife are working and neither one are neat-kins! Get a system and try to stick to it.

    We both like hats i.e.: ball caps, and our dresser gets very cluttered with them. I finally put up some hooks in the closet to keep them out of sight. Keep fresh flowers in your bedroom, too!