Choosing a Marriage Friendly Counselor

The Boomerang Effect Of Mentoring Other Couples

Mentoring As A Way Of Life

Behind Every Great Marriage Are Others Who Help

Steps to Building a Safe Support System

We Don’t COUNSEL Anyone to Divorce

Helping Troubled Friends’ Marriages

More Marriage Tips to Use in Church Bulletins

Marriage Tips to Use in Church Bulletins

Friend Helping a Friend Who is in Crisis

WANTED: A Mass Movement Of Women Mentors

Men Mentoring Men

Using Our Website for Marriage Group Study

Marriage Mentor/Mentorees Agreement

Mentoring Questions You Could Use

Church Library Marriage Mentoring Ideas

Guidance Rules For Marriage Mentoring Groups

Marriage Mentoring Ideas For A Church

The Do’s and Don’ts of Marriage Mentoring

How to Find a Mentor Couple to Invest in Your Marriage

Are You Ready To Be A Mentoring Couple?

Young Couples Need Your Help in Marriage!

The Difference Marriage Mentoring Can Make

To Those Who Offer Support To Friends

Looking for Help in All the Wrong Places

Finding a Good Marriage-Friendly Counselor

Applying the Gleaning Principle to Human Advisers

SCRIPTURES Dealing With Seeking the Counsel of Others