Proverbs for Everyday Married Life

How Big is Your God?

Praying For Your Unbelieving Spouse

Pausing to Pray

Is Yours TRULY a Christ Centered Marriage?

Spiritual Responsibility in Marriage

Your Everyday Influence with Your Unbelieving Spouse

Crying Tears to God for Marriage

Fighting Divorce With Prayer

Hopeful Prayer Starters for the New Year

Give It Over to God Today

Pray First? Sadly We Forget Sometimes

Lets Unite and Pray for Marriages

Hang on, Refocus, Live Christ

How To Pray In The Midst Of A Crisis

When Spouses Attend Different Churches

Living God’s Love With One Another

Experiencing God’s Silence in Your Marriage

Spiritual Warfare in Marriage

Loving Your Spouse as Jesus Loves You

The Power of a Praying Husband

Marriage Proverbs for Everyday Living – Pt 2

SCRIPTURES for Marriage to Bring You Closer

Make Your Marriage Rock Solid

Why God? Why is This Happening?

Serving Your Spouse Is Serving Jesus

Prayer Walking With Your Spouse

Refreshing Your Marriage Spiritually

I Am Standing For The Healing Of My Marriage!

A Resurrection Prayer for Your Marriage

When The One You Love Doesn’t Believe

Praying for Your Beloved Unbelieving Spouse

Pray, Seek Wisdom, Apply

10 Marriage Prayers

Is Your Marriage God Centered or Spouse Centered?

Our Marriage Appeal to Heaven

Praying for a Change

Praying for Wife Head to Toe

Prayer for Husband Head to Toe

Sin Can Be Catchy

God’s Desire for Marriage

Do You See What God Sees?

Winning Without Words

Bombing Battles with Petitioning Prayer

Grow Closer to Your Wife: Pray for Her

Talking In Honesty With God

A Soul Filled With God Relieves Pressure

Soul Ties

Sharing Your Spiritual Life Together

Myths We Believe About Ourselves and Marriage

When Couples Pray

Love and Live Your Prayers

A Devotional Study For a Married Couple

Discerning the Difference Between the Conviction of the Holy Spirit and Condemnation of the Enemy

TORN: You Love God and Your Unbelieving Spouse

Choosing a Church Home Together

One Spouse Became a Christian After Marrying – The Other Hasn’t

If you go to church without your spouse, how do you deal with unmet expectations?

Praying Together as Husband and Wife

What answer to prayer have you experienced this past year?

Living in Confidence Because of Who You Are in Christ

Can Unequally Yoked Marriages Be Successful?

SCRIPTURES and Quotes to Help You in Marriage

HELPFUL BIBLE VERSES on Various Subjects


Marriage Bible Study – Unfailing Biblical Love

Serving God Together Side By Side

Won Without A Word

UNEQUALLY YOKED: Differences Don’t Have to Devastate

SPIRITUALLY SINGLE: Living With an Unbelieving Husband

Winning Without Words

P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens!

Petitioning God on Behalf of Your Husband

Motivating Your Husband To Be The Spiritual Leader

The Power Of A Praying Wife

What To Do While Waiting Instead Of Worrying

The Purpose Driven Marriage

What Is Marriage?